Monday, December 17, 2007

Havin' A Party!

Yesterday we had a Christmas party for our regular Sunday Company Dinner folks and a few other friends. It was a blast. We all had a great time visiting and eating, and really getting into the holiday spirit with each other. I have a couple of recipes to share with you yet this week from things made at the party, but first today a few photos, and one recipe that is not one that I made.

First, here is a picture of my party helper. I decided to make some festive Snickerdoodles to add to my cookie plate for the party, and as I was rolling the dough into balls, Abigail walked into the kitchen. She lit up, asked what I was doing and then asked if she could help. Hot dog, I had plenty of other things to do to get ready for the party, so I handed her the dough balls and the bowl of sugar and told her to go to town. She really enjoys being involved, and the best part was that after she was done helping me, she was in helper mode and went and helped Andy with some cleaning.

Usually when we have Sunday Company Dinner, the kids all eat at the dining room table, and we grown-ups snag the living room, or a piece of floor, or a piece of counter to eat at. But this week since it was more of a celebratory occasion, we put in Frosty The Snowman on in our bedroom TV and let the kids all take their plates upstairs to watch while they ate. They were so excited! What was insanely cute was that none of them actually wanted to sit on the floor to eat, and all by themselves they started setting up the little chairs and stools in the house and they sat in a little line with plates of food on their laps. Well, all except Zander, who sensed the impending disaster should a plate of food actually be on his lap, so I wisely set his plate on the floor and would bend over to grab a bite. I had to take a picture of the kids...they were just so cute!And finally, the recipe for the day. This is one of those ones that I have eyed up since the day I saw it. It just looked really good to me, but I have yet to try and make them. I guess it doesn't come to mind very often when I'm looking for something to make. Until yesterday, that is. We had a family join us for Sunday Company Dinner who had never come before (and I sure hope they consider a regular appearance!) and they brought Oreo Balls. So simple, so pretty to look at, and by golly if they weren't delicious! They thoughtfully left the plate of them here and I haven't been able to stay away from them. I'm eyeing them up even now, wondering how one would be with my coffee! Or two or three or...So now, thanks to all the wonderful company we had yesterday, now I am officially "in the mood." It's the holiday season and time to celebrate! This year we'll be celebrating very simply, staying close to home and spending time with family. How are you celebrating this year? Any must-have traditions? Forging your own new tradition this year? Do tell, I'd love to hear it!

Oreo Balls

1 package regular size Oreo cookies -- crushed
1 package cream cheese -- (8 ounce) softened
1 package white almond bark

Using a blender or hand held mixer, mix Oreos and cream cheese together.

Roll into walnut size balls.

Chill for an hour.

Melt the package of white almond bark.

Stick a toothpick in an Oreo ball and dip it in the melted white almond bark.

Allow to harden on wax paper, sprinkling with colored sugars or non-pareils before setting if desired.


Julie said...

These are something that I know everyone would love.

JEP said...

This recipe sounds insanely good with the Oreos & cream cheese but instead of white choc, I'll go for dark! This Christmas, I actually will be working which is fine. I don't need a special day on the calender to celebrate with family & friends.

Erika W. said...

Julie, I agree- unless you don't like Oreo's. Then I think you'd be out of luck.

Jep, I agree, dark chocolate would be really good too- but I think I would still cap it off with white chocolate for the look. But that's just because I always dip my truffles in dark or milk chocolate, so to me the white is stunning in comparison.

SwissMiss said...

Yum! They look delicious and easy. It reminds me of a truffle version of cookies and cream ice cream. :)

Erika W. said...

Swissmiss- that is an excellent description!