Monday, January 7, 2008

How To Serve A Trifle

Last night at Sunday Company Dinner we had a bit of a debate. :-) One of our friends was bringing dessert, and decided on a trifle. The problem ensued when the search for a serving bowl came about. You could layer the contents of a trifle in anything- but if you put it in a vessel that's opaque and you can't see the layers, aren't you kind of defeating one of the purposes of a trifle? Part of the appeal of a trifle is seeing all those luscious layers- it's a very visual dessert! So our friend took the time to search out the perfect trifle dish, and it completely made the dessert.

What do you think?
It was stunning. We all were devouring it with our eyes before we even thought to sample it. It was a beautiful dessert and tasted fantastic as well! A lesson was learned too. Trifle really does deserve a special dish.


JEP said... does look delicious...describe the ingredients!

Erika W. said...

Ah, this was a very easy one Jep. It was so nice and refreshing after the indulgence of the holidays. It was very simple- angel food cake, frozen blueberries that had been thawed, lemon pudding, and Cool Whip. It was a brilliant combination- sweet and delcious without being cloying or rich. I really liked the idea of using the frozen berries. My inclination would have been to reach for pie filling, but that would have been too sweet, and the blueberry juice had an opportunity to soak into some cake this way. Yum!

JEP said...

I like the sounds of the ingredients---except for Cool Whip. Do you think real whipped cream would hold-up? Even a raspberry version would be tasty!

Erika W. said...

I think the whipping cream would hold up for a few hours, but much longer it would start to break down. Have you ever used Whip-It in your whipped cream? It's a stabilizer that will help it to hold it's whipped form- it works very well. The brand I use is by Oetker and it's usually right next to the unflavored gelatin.

Claire said...

Ha! I love cool whip! :-) I like being able to see the trifle, so I think a clear bowl is necessary. I need to get a good bowl for that. Right now I don't have anything good.

Tracy said...

I agree. You have to serve a trifle in a clear dish. Yours look really nice. I actually bought individual mini trifle dishes last year but I haven't used them yet.

Erika W. said...

Claire, I believe this piece is actually a Partylite candle holder. So it may help to look for that type of thing instead of an actual bowl.

Tracy, I bet mini trifles would be very fun and impressive looking too.