Friday, January 25, 2008

I Love My Son

So this morning we made a quick dash to Sam's Club to pick up a few odds-n-ends for Zander's birthday celebration this weekend. Our number one goal was to find some nice kiwi for his birthday fruit salad, and while I was putting that in the cart, he spied something from a ways away, and told me we should get that too for a snack. What was it?

Green Beans. :-)

And then just a few seconds later, after the beans were in the cart, he pointed yet again, and told me just how much he loved those beans with the peas inside.

So we also picked up a bag of Sugar Snap Peas.

And now he is home and happily munching on a bowl of raw beans and snap peas. I must be doing something right. :-) And I can't believe he's turning four this weekend...


Rachel said...

i was so excited when he shared his peas with me at christmas time!

Anonymous said...

Cool! That's the way to get them started!

When my son was little he ate green peppers like an apple. People stared to see this little kid in a stroller with a pepper.

JEP said...

I recommend you take him with you EVERY time you go food shopping:) What a Mom you are---good job!

Ricki said...

Hi Erika,

Wow! Isn't that just every mother's dream?? (I love the name Zander, too, by the way--truly unique--is there a post somewhere with background?).

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I've been following yours for some time (finally de-lurked) and have found many recipes to add to my "must try" list!

Erika W. said...

Rachel, you were very lucky he shared!

Dee, my kids also love red bell peppers- not so much the green anymore, since they've been spoiled by red and yellow ones.

Jep, sometimes he can make very expensive requests...

Ricki, no real background to his name...we used to be huge fans of the show Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, and one of the characters was Xander. We just loved the name, and changed the spelling.