Friday, February 8, 2008

Germs, Germs Go Away

I didn't post this morning with the intention of making something delicious today and posting about it fresh out of the oven.

Well, around noon today I took a break from my housework for the day, and haven't been able to find my energy ever since. It's like I've hit a bit of a wall, and now I'm totally regretting not getting more accomplished this morning before taking that lunch break.

So some chamomile tea and honey are soothing a sudden sore throat, and I can only hope that the tiny sniffles my children have had this week are all that awaits me.

But the benefits of menu planning! I don't even have to think about dinner tonight-it's already done for me, and who can't pop pizza into the oven? I guess I'll be taking a break for the weekend here- do check out Menu Planning 101 Saturday if you get a chance. I'll be putting the finishing touches on a post about recipe organization (I hope) and I'll have that up tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone-and stay warm!

1 comment:

JEP said...

Looks like Indiana will have another really cold weekend, too! Hot chocolate & popcorn to get me thru tonite:)