Friday, April 29, 2005

My shopping adventure

Yesterday I started my shopping. I did very, very well. And actually ended up in a much better mood. Mom Waz- I finally saw a Jo-Anne's. Wow. One just opened up here in Green Bay. It is everything I love about Hobby Lobby- plus everything I love about Hancock Fabrics. What a beautiful store. Oh my gosh- all the fabric. And they have it so nicely laid out. Home Decor fabric in one section, quilting fabric in another section, crafty fabric in another section, wearable fabric in yet another section. Wow. Simply amazing. I can't wait to go back. (well, actually my checkbook can wait!)

I also took a gift card I had received to Kohl's and treated myself to a new outfit. It's very bold for me- I think I like it, and it actually looks good on me. I also bought a new CD that wasn't a kids CD- and I really like that. The group is a new one called The Afters. Lizzie- it's really good. I think you'd like it. Of course, I also found tons of stuff for church at a really great price. I got a whole different kind of inspiration for the men's room of all things. I painted it green- and I was planning on decorating it with trees and wildlife things. Well, yesterday I found tons of golf stuff at a really great price- so I'm doing the men's room in golf. It will be fun. I found some really pretty old wooden drivers to hang on the wall too. That's going to be the room I have fun in.

Anyway, I made these beautiful hanging floral arrangements last night- so I'm feeling really good about my shopping trip today. Hopefully I can find what I want at the prices I want. I mostly wanted to let a few of you know that you were with me shopping, even though I went alone. Everyone have a nice day!


the rachel said...

of course i was with you shopping!! =)

Lizzy said...

I NEED to borrow that CD!! I've only heard two of the songs on it, but I LOVE their sound! Can I listen to it this weekend?!?! :):):) Later!