Saturday, July 23, 2005

Back from camping!

Well, we're back. We had a good time camping. Abigail and Zander had a good time being outdoors- and I have to say, they slept REALLY well at night. So well, in fact, that Zander spent the entire night without Mommy. I'm debating putting him into his big boy bed tonight. I have a few more hours to decide for sure. First I have to find his bed under the mound of toys. =)

Back to the camping bit...I was a little disappointed with the water conditions. We were on the Green Bay and I didn't think the water could green up there- but it did. There was one day that we were in the water, but otherwise there was this thick pea-soup like muck all along the shore. If you went in a little bit, it was fine, but I could not, for the life of me, get Zander in the water. I had hoped that I would be able to take him to the beach, and just let him play how he wanted- whether that be in the sand or the water or both. But with green water...anyway. It was a good thing there was a nice breeze blowing off the bay. The last few nights Abigail was wishing for home, so we decided to come home early. Silly girl. Once Grandma and Grandpa left (and cousin Kara) she got real sad and said that she missed home. So we packed it up. Of course, as we pulled away from the campground it started to pour- and I imagine that it rained for a good aprt of the day- so thankfully we missed that! And then we got home, unpacked, and as soon as we were done, it started raining here. So timing was perfect for not planning it!

And for a house update- we are taking it! And of course, now that we've decided we are taking it, we want to get the moving process over with. We told our current landlord that we will be out by September 1st. But we're hoping our new landlords give us the month of August for free so that we can move over the course of a few weeks. With Andy working out of town, that is the best plan for us. That way I can pack up the van every day and move a little bit over there. Plus there's cleaning and painting to do. We will be adding some color to the new place- and I'm really looking forward to that. We are also going to paint this house for Lisa. The kitchen/bath/hallway here need a coat of paint- and we want to do that before we leave here. We are also ISO a new washer and dryer (If you don't know what ISO means- see previous posts!) so if anyone hears of a pair going for a reasonable price...

Well, I think that's it for now. I am sorry to say that with a move coming up, I may not get much done in terms of cooking and trying new recipes. I am sorry about that...but hopefully I will get a little something done in the mean time. =)

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