Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sorry, no new jam today

Ah, I actually accomplished something housewise today. So I am sorry to say that I did not jam today. However, I did manage to get my bathroom torn apart and painted. It actually looks really nice. Tonight after the kids go to bed I will also be painting the hallway. It's all prepped- just needs the paint. I also managed to pack away some kids clothes, all of our sweaters, and pull out some new clothes for Zander. I had been planning to do a major laundry day, but with threatening weather headed this way, I thought it would be best to do laundry tomorrow so I can hang it up. But I feel good that I accomplished something. Who knows what will get done tomorrow. Tonight I will sit down with some posterboard and make a large calendar for the next few weeks, detailing each day with some packing and a cleaning task. Ugh. I hate moving.

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