Wednesday, July 6, 2005

What does ISO mean?

So I have placed an ad in the local Buyer's Guide. The gist of the ad is that we are looking for a 3 BR house to rent in the area. I submitted my ad online, and a sales rep. called to confirm text and arrange payment. The ad started like this: Seymour family ISO house to rent long term in Seymour area. I kid you not, the sales lady asked me "what does ISO stand for?" You're kidding right? In the age of computers, how is it possible she didn't know what ISO meant? And she is a newspaper ad salesperson- I would think they would have tons of different abreviations that they come across on a day to day basis. When I told her it was "in search of" she said, "oh, that makes sense, I have room here, so we'll just print it out." Whatever lady, as long as you're not charging me per word.

My ad will run for 3 weeks, and I'm hoping someone bites. i think. We really don't want to move, but we literally do not have room where we are now. If we can't find a house to rent now, we will suck it up and stay here until we do find one. We obviously will not move to an apartment, and it would be hard to move into another duplex. Ideally we are looking for a long term rental that we can eventually purchase when we can secure the financing. That would mean a decent enough yard for the kids to play in and for me to have my herb garden. Of course, a minumum of 3 BR's, a basement, PAINTABLE walls, and either a larger kitchen, or the potential for a larger kitchen with a little remodelling. It's probably asking for a lot- but I might as well hold out for something good. I do have my eye on a couple of houses in particular that have been on the market for awhile. I'm hoping that the sellers of these homes are having a tough tme selling, and will be willing to rent. So we'll see. If we are meant to move, an opportunity will present itself shortly, otherwise we are staying put.

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