Thursday, August 4, 2005

I think the kitchen is officially closed. :-(

Yup. Sorry, I think it has to be that way. On Sunday we are tentatively planning a picninc at the hot air balloon rally, and I am thinking I'll make some Greek chicken salad and the accompaniements. I found the recipe in RR's 30 Minute Meals 2, so at least I know it's simple. But other than that, I think I need to pack some things away. Oh wait, today I want to make some ice cream. I want to pack my ice cream maker- and the canister is in the freezer, so I figured I should defrost by making a batch! I am thinking about making blueberry ice cream. I for sure will make my vanilla base, but I have more fresh blueberries- and I love blueberry frozen yogurt, ice cream has to be better! I just have to decide if I should cook the blueberries into a sauce first (similar to pie filling) or sugar them to release their juices. I will have to look around, I don't recall seeing a blueberry ice cream before- and I hope it's not cause the blueberries get funky or something. I guess I'll post back with my recipe and results.

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