Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A serious travesty, kindergarten, and a tender heart

Yesterday, my coffeemaker died. Yup. Died. And anyone knows me knows that I cannot function properly until I've had my cuppa in the morning. It was awful. Nothing I could do about it- Starbucks does not exist in the sticks, so I sucked it up and progressed through my day. Then, I was out in the garage looking for something for Zander- when I found my saviour. My little used cappucino/espresso maker. Oh the joy! And I happened to have just bought a nice dark roasted coffee bean. I was singing praises 10 minutes later. So for now I will be having cappucino in the AM instead of coffee. I think I can live with that for a little while

So today I took Abigail to school to meet her kindergarten teacher and take her school supplies. I am not initially impressed with her teacher- but the classroom was very inviting, and Abigail seemed to like it, so I am happy with that. As I understand her teacher has recently had a baby, so today's activities probably signaled an end to her time at home with her baby- and I can completely understand why she may have been a little off today. What I am most disappointed with is that Abigail won't know a single person in her class. :-( That makes me sad for her. I know she makes friends easily, but she has a special attachment to a few of her friends, and I had really been hoping at least one of them would be in class with her. It was very surreal today taking her in. I can't believe that a week from today I will be taking my baby to school. I am going to be so worried about her every day for so long. I know she will love it, but there are so many things that she hasn't been exposed to yet. Although initially I am most concerned about her being hungry all day long at school. She is not a big eater at meal times. She eats until she is full- a great example for those of us who like to overindulge! AND the kindergarteners have kunch at 10:45 am! 10:45! There are days that we don't get around to breakfast until 10:30 or so. I just hope she adjusts quickly- and eats all of her lunch. And yes, I am packing her lunch for her. She can't wait to go tomorrow and pick out a lunch box. At times she can be picky- and I know that the lunch room monitors do not let your child leave food on their tray- so to prevent many many hassles, I will lovingly pack my daughter her lunch every day.

As I am typing this in, I am just glued to the television. My heart is just breaking for all of those people in the south. During our recent trip to Florida, we spent a good deal of time in Alabama- and just enjoyed our time there. It feels so personal now. Andy and I really felt like the people in Alabama were some of the nicest we've ever met. True Southern Hospitality at its finest. Every time they show someone on the news with young children and babies, tears come to my eyes, because I simply cannot imagine what they are going through. As I watched my kids play in the backyard tonight, I was so greatful that they are safe and sound, anad having a good time. Many, many times over the last two days I have wished that we lived closer to the disaster area so that we could help. I would offer to share our home with another family in a heartbeat. These people have lost everything- and we have a garage full of too much stuff. Stuff seems so trivial to me today. I spent a good deal of time online looking for something to do. Right now it seems the best way to help is to donate money, but I think I am going to start a process of packing up some boxes of our "stuff" to send south. We have too many clothes, too many household goods, too many boxes stashed away. Anyway, I have things to do yet tonight while my precious babes sleep, so I will sign off with a plea for prayer for those people who need to be helped yet- may they find peace and rest tonight, and shelter over their heads.

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