Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Prayers Please...

It's been a very tense couple of days at our house, and it only stands to get worse. Personally I have been struggling to finish my costume efforts to meet my self imposed deadline of Thursday. I actually am almost done. I have one dress to alter, and my nightmare dress only needs a hem. I tried it on the girl today, and she simply looks stunning in it. So yeah for me! Well, not really. It IS a costume, so I wasn't super careful with my lining and the stitching. But it sure looks good. I am amazed that I made an entire dress by hand. But the stress of the show is still there. I have to shop tomorrow for all of my men's clothes and now Zander is quite ill, and I feel awful having to make him run around tomorrow. But I really have no other choice.

I had a medical crisis today with Zander. Last night I was up with him most of the night as he was coughing a lot and struggling to breathe. I was playing round robin with the medicines in our cabinet. I started with one, and then two hours later it still wasn't working, so I would watch the clock until I could give him another dose- only I would try something different. Nothing worked. Finally, at 8:30 this morning I called and got him into the doctor's office. My poor boy has been diagnosed with asthma. It wasn't unexpected, I have asthma, but it was hard to actually hear it given voice. In just one day I have thought of so many things that will have to be considered with him in the future. With any luck, it will be something that he will grow out of. Of course, right now the asthma is having immediate consequences. He's always been one to hang on to a cough and a congested chest when he gets a cold- at least now we know why, but he's been struggling with this last cold and the asthma has trapped some bacteria in his tiny lungs, so he's being treated with antibiotics, along with his albuterol treatments. And right now, he wants Mommy. At all times. The only reason I am not in bed with him right now, is because Abigail is in my bed with him. That's another story.

Abigail is not herself this week. I wish I knew what was going on there. She has been extra cuddly, wanting Mommy and Daddy, and she's really struggling with bedtime. She spends a few minutes in bed before she starts crying that she wants Mommy. So her and Zander have been starting off the night in Mom and Dad's bed together. I wish I could get her to tell me what is bothering her. I think part of it is Halloween. She is such a sensitive girl, and they've been doing Halloween themed things at school, and I think it's bothering her. Today she told me she'd rather go to the mall than go trick-or-treating on Monday. So I think all the spooks and things have taken their toll. We will not be carving pumpkins I think, and no Halloween decorations of any kind. Right now I plan to take Abigail and Zander somewhere during trick-or-treating. I'm just not sure where. I want to avoid scary costumes if at all possible, and I think that will be very hard to do. Of course, I had to let her know that she could still be Sleeping Beauty all day on Monday. So we'll see about that. The option to trick-or-treat will still be there, but I've also offered to take her to the candy wall at Toys R Us to pick out a bag full of treats. We'll just have to wait and see what she decides on Monday I guess.

So it's been a wee bit stressful here. Andy is in the middle of a crisis at work, and he is getting the brunt of the "angry fuel" regarding the musical. I think we are both debating not doing it again next year. But between that and no sleep because of the kids, things are wound pretty tight here. So send some happy thought our way. And some happy eating thoughts! I'm hardly in the mood to cook, much less eat. Breakfast for me today was a handful of candy corn. Lunch was a handful of Twizzlers. Almost as an afterthought I whipped up a quick supper, and when I sat down to eat with the family, Zander wanted cuddle time, and Abigail had a bit of a breakdown. Ugh. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow with something a little more happy to talk about.


Strumiker said...

:( Sorry to hear so many things not going well. When we were young, my brother had some hard times with asthma so I know how stressful that can be... although I was not a parent so I can only assume it's many times worse.

I hope Abigail comes around for Halloween, such a fun holiday! although... being treated to the candy wall would be a nice treat... hrm... *gives puppy eyes to Rachel*

And the other things, man... I just hope everything works out for you, nobody needs any excess junk when everyday life keeps us on our toes as it is :P You Kranz's are strong people, I know you will make the best of it, and then some :)

*hugs & love*

Erika said...

Cody, you're so sweet.

Maybe if you ask nice, the Great Pumpkin will bring you some treats from the big wall. ;-)