Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Unexpected Roller Coaster


That's just about all I can say.


It has been a crazy two days. As a little background, every year Andy and I work on our local High School musical. It's kind of a hobby for us that we can do together- and we do it well. He does the technical aspects of the show, designs the set, designs lights, runs the show from backstage, etc. I am the fluff. I do costumes, props, and dress the set. Every year the school has a long weekend that we all take the opportunity to spend two days really polishing the technical aspects of the show. Well. Andy requested off of work for this Thursday and Friday. It was approved. Then this week his boss told him at the last second that he couldn't have the time off. Uh Oh. These two days TOTALLY hinge on Andy. Needless to say, the director was not happy.

Andy had to spend today at work, and we were lucky enough to be able to get ahold of a former student who was majoring in theater to come in and take over for the day. I did spend a little time at school helping with hair and make-up and checking out the fit of my costumes. I have to say- those kids looked pretty darn good! But with two sick kids at home I didn't stay long. I spent a nice lazy afternoon at home with the kids. Zander had a good nap, Abigail and I made cookies. Then everything changed...

Andy walked in early- Oh good, I'm thinking. We can bump up dinner and get him to school at a reasonable amount of time because he has a lot to do tonight. His first comment is "Time to break out the resumes". Um. Yuppers. He was let go. His boss picked him up at the job site and personally drove him home. He told Andy that it was obvious he wasn't happy with his job, so he was doing Andy a favor and letting him go. Doing him a favor???!!! He was totally full of it. So Andy and I made a lot of quick phone calls to people putting out the APB that Andy was looking for a job- pronto, and hooking up with our prayer families.

Well. One of the phone calls Andy made was to a guy he had been working with in the last few weeks- basically letting him know he was looking for work and would it be beneficial for Andy to drive out to this guys work and drop of a resume? Sure, come out anytime. Well, as it turns out, this guys DAD owns the company. He called back 20 mintues later- come fill out an application, you start the Monday after next. Yippee!!!! Andy has heard good things about this company, and he was only unemployed technically for about an hour. He will have next week off, which as it turns out, means he can put in even more time on the musical than originally planned. :-p

What a crazy day!!!!!!! I seriously feel like crawling into bed and staying there for a week. And now I'm hungry. It's been so stressful that I haven't felt much like eating, and now that I think we are maybe on a bit of an upswing, my stomach is voicing it's opinion.

Anyway, maybe tomorrow I will get to a new recipe that I've been meaning to try all week. I also have a bulb of fennel in the fridge that I bought clue. I've never used fennel, and just felt like buying it, along with a pair of leeks. So maybe some kind of roasted chicken? We'll see. I'm going to do a couple of searches and figure something out- maybe. :-)


Joe said...

Hi Erika!

I bet it was a very emotional day! Very happy that everything seems to be working out in the end! Too cool!

Erika said...

Joe, you have no idea...:-) Even though the loss of Andy's job was a blow, it is such a relief to be done with that particular stress- hopefully the new job will bring good things!

Cate said...

It's funny how things work out sometimes. Everything truly does happen for a reason. Good luck with the new job for Andy!