Monday, November 14, 2005

Completely Irrational :-)

That's me today. This morning I sent my Precious Princess to school with someone else. Since she started Kindergarten, either Andy or I have taken her to school every day, and picked her up every day. (Except for once- Thanks Grandma!) Andy started his new job today, so he had to take my van. I am carless. While it is not far to school, and not to cold for myself or Abigail, it does get cold quickly for the litle boy who simply rides in the wagon. So I asked our neighbors if we could carpool for awhile until we get a second car for Andy. They are very nice, their kids are great, and it has been nice getting to know them. It just was wierd sending Abigail to school with someone else. But I am very grateful that they are available. I am thinking that they may get a batch of hot cinnamon rolls one of these mornings.

So yeah, Andy started a new job this morning, I am at home with Zander, without vehicle, and the musical is over. See my happy dance? I have to wash about 4 loads of costumes, label them properly and hang them, and deliver them to school before I am officially done, but really, the stress is over. Andy and I both really felt that last night. We were in bed by 9:30 last night, and I feel nice and released this morning. I do have a bit of cleaning to do, as its been crazy madhouse for a week, but it will be nice to return to some kind of normal around here.

Well, Zander is happily watching Thomas The Tank Engine, so I should get some work done before he wants Mommy time. I will post back later if I have an adventure in the kitchen today- which is entirely possible.

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