Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Turn off the TV night

Is tonight in our house. I think it is kind of funny, actually. Abigail's school is celebrating books this week, and part of that is turn off the TV night. What is funny, is that there is no effort here for that. Abigail watches very little TV after school anyways. She will watch for maybe an hour- a video sometimes, but usually she just watches Little Bear at 4:30. Other than that, this should be an easy night for her. We can easily end up reading 10 or 12 stories by the time a night is through, so we will have no problems celebrating books in our house.

Yesterday at school for snack time her class made pancakes. Each child got to make their own. They had read Pancake, Pancake, and Abigail was so excited that she made pancakes. =) So tonight for supper we will be having blueberry pancakes at the request of Abigail. She wants to make them, so we'll see how much she does before she gets bored witht he process. The tricky part will be coming up with a way for Zander to help, since he has to be right there in the thick of it with his big sister. Maybe I will add sprinkles to the pancakes? He likes to take a pinch and sprinkle.

Anyway, today I will report back with a post on something. I just don't know what yet. I am still in the mood to bake, but the pantry is starting to run a little low, so we'll see what I come up with. The big benefit to Abigail carpooling for a while is that I am still in my comfy jammies, having coffee, and Zander is still sound asleep. No crabby boys today. (Insert happy dance.) Andy had guys over for football last night, so for the most part, the house is clean even, and I can just relax and spend a morning pouring over my cookbooks. So I will go do that. Have a great day everyone!


Jenn said...

To get Zander involved in making pancakes you could give him a wisk and have him stir up the ingredents. That is what i do with Kara. She loves it. Have a great pancake supper.

Lizzy said...

How was dinner? :) Can I come, too? I like books. :D See you in a week!

Erika said...

Lol Jenn,

You haven't seen Zander with a whisk. We actually want to eat the pancakes- not wear them. Plus, Abigail had pancake duty.

He helped with the pineapple. I cut it up, he tasted, he thought he was helping. :-)

Jenn said...

Well that is the whole point in have kids cook with you isn't it?:) Kara is the same way. It would be easier to take a hose to the kitchen to clean it. But She loves it and I shouldn't complain. It get her involved. THough Zander did have a big part. Being the taste tester is very important. He could get paid big bucks if he made it into a career.