Thursday, November 3, 2005

I will likely miss tomorrow.

I figure that there is a good chance I will miss posting tomorrow because of Thanksgiving Dinner. But I had to come on and post my successes today. It was a crazy busy day that started at the bright hour of 5:00 am. Abigail woke me up with a tummy ache. That set off an alarm bell- friends of ours had a stomach bug a few days earlier. Sure enough, 20 minutes later she was sitting up in bed crying and making quite the mess. So she had her first sick day, and I was facing a day of getting not much done. This morning I worked on getting my kitchen clean enough to cook in and speniding time with Abigail and Zander. Poor Abigail. There is nothing worse than a sick child. Sweet Zander was trying to share treats with her all day, and was so concerned every time she was sleeping. I had to spend a lot of extra time today playing with him since he was denied his playmate. I certainly didn't mind that. ;-)

Anyway, in between my kids, I did get a lot done for tomorrow! I started with the pie and got that made up. It was the pumpkin pie I'd posted earlier- but without the cranberries. I also got the herb butter made for basting the turkey, and the gravy base for the gravy. Then I made up the stuffing short of adding the broth, so that just need to be mixed and baked. I also got two dips made for the appetizers and the turkey out of the brine. I think that's my list. Oh and I decided I wanted to make scones tomorrow, so I made some cinnamon sugar butter for spreading on the scones. So tomorrows list is: One appetizer, a cheese tray, scones, mashed potatoes and herbed peas. Nothing terribly difficult, and it should all go well. I'm looking forward to it.

So I'm off to bed I think, after I finish my cup of tea. I may be needed again in the middle of the night, and I'm already dragging. I want to be certain I am my cheery best tomorrow. Happy Early Thanksgiving everyone!

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