Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Feeling a little green

Sort of.

I am feeling a little under the weather today, but it is just a cold so far, and more annoying than anything. I'm feeling alittle woozy, but I'm almost positive that's the medicine I've taken to stop the flow of traffic coming out of my nose. (I know, TMI)

No, actually, the green feeling is coming from breakfast this morning. I discovered a new tea from Stash this week, and I am so enjoying it. It is an Irish Breakfast Blend, and is most definitely a robust tea. It is a very warming and comforting tea, and packed with flavor. I can just imagine that it would be perfect on a chilly winter night in Ireland. Oh wait, it's chilly and wintery here. To accompany this lovely tea this morning I have a great bowl of porridge. Real porridge made with Irish Oats. Yum. If you are an oatmeal fan, and have never tried Irish cut oats (or steel cut) you are truly missing a treat. It has such fantastic flavor, and the texture. Oh, the texture is a perfect balance between creamy and chewy. If you haven't tried it, you really should. Just a tiny sprinkle of sugar and a drizzle of milk complete a perfect bowl of porridge. (Although I did eye up the cream this morning.) They do take a little longer to cook- 20 minutes to perfection, but so worth it.

And while I'm raving about new products I like, I have to tell everyone that they really need to use Reynold's Release foil for their holiday baking. Wow, literally everything just slides right off- including burnt almond roca! I usually use parchment paper, but I hate using it off those rolls. The paper always curls up and is annoying to work with. The Release foil stays where you put it. And it's reusable. I lined a baking sheet for cookies and made cookies on some of the foil. I made an entire batch of cookies using that one sheet pan covered with the same sheet of foil. I will admit that I was skeptical at first, but the stuff works like magic. You also don't need to coat it with anything. So candies like roca and toffee that need a buttered pan can skip the buttering step. And that means the outside of the candy will not be greasy. I really love that. I hate biting into a piece of homemade toffee and my teeth slide before the snap.

So with that, I will sign off, most liekly for the day. I will take the day off from baking and creating, as I don't want to add a dose of germs to my goodies. So everyone have a great day!

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