Thursday, December 8, 2005

You see? The comsumptives plot against me. "Will Shakespeare has a play, let us go and cough through it."

It's a plot. :-( Where are those angry eyes when I need them. Today I picked up a cheap candy thermometer so I could attempt my almond roca again. I fear there will not be much candy coming from my kitchen this year. (More angry eyes!) I think it is mostly the fault of my stove. Stupid coil electric stove and it's darn uneven heating. Yeah. Before my eyes I watched one half of my almond roca mixture carmalize and brown before it was supposed to, while the other half of the pot remained a bubbly yellow white and the thermometer was creeping slowly- and still a full 10 degrees shy of its mark. I tossed in my almonds early and started stirring like crazy. Again, that familiar smell of burnt sugar, and a toss in of my probe thermometer on the "darker" half called my time up. I poured it into my sheet pan and ran cold water under my spoon to check for a burnt taste. Thankfully, it does not taste at all burnt, but I am afraid the texture may have suffered. Almond Roca has a delightfully crunchy texture that is perfectly crumbly when bitten. I am afraid mine will have a little more chew. Likely from the not quite cooked enough roca mixing with the overcooked roca.
Grr... I am not happy. I am possibly going to attempt a fudge making later this afternoon, and I will try the other large burner, to check for accuracy.

And that sound coming from the kitchen just now was my son Zander, with a cold, proceeding to pour himself a full bowl of Rice Krispies. He missed the bowl. :-( Where are those darn angry eyes!!!!!

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