Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Sevens Meme


I've been tagged for a meme by Patti at Adventures in Food and Wine. Amazingly, this was a tough list to complete. And as for tagging...I think most everyone has been tagged by now, but I will tag my sister Rachel, as well as Ana at Kitchen Space. If anyone else wants to be tagged...just let me know.

Seven Culinary Things to do Before I Die
1. Make Osso Bucco
2. Cook and serve clams/mussles
3. Be a judge on Iron Chef America
4. Write a cookbook
5. Learn to make cheese
6. Make artisanal bread
7. Open my restaurant

Seven Things I Can't do in The Kitchen
1. Keep it clean
2. Make cookies without burning at least one batch
3. Cook Game...creeps me out
4. Have an organzied pantry. I try...
5. Use the scant amount of oil called for in CL recipes- I always need to use more
6. Use a garlic press. Chopping garlic is therapy for me.
7. Cook fruit with meat

Seven Things That Attract Me to Food Blogging
1. It keeps my family connected
2. It's fun to do!
3. Keeps me accountable in a way
4. I have "met" so many wonderful people...
5. I am learning a lot about web design
6. It give me something to do when Andy is watching wierd TV
7. I love living vicariously through the other food bloggers

Seven Thing I Say Most Often While Cooking
1. Andy!!!! Go get...
2. Zander Louis- Get out of the kitchen!
3. Hot!!!
4. You may not have anything else to eat until supper
5. Abigail, share with your brother
6. What do you think?
7. Shoot.

Seven Cookbooks I Love
1. King Arthur Flour Baking Companion
2. Fresh Every Day
3. Everyday Italian
4. Joy of Cooking
5. My Cooking Light Annuals
6. The Bread Bible
7. From Tapas to Meze

Seven Food Shows I Can Watch Over and Over Again
1. Molto Mario
2. Everyday Italian
3. Sara's Secrets
4. The Secret Life of...
5. Food 911
6. Cookworks
7. Iron Chef America

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