Sunday, March 5, 2006

Battling the Sugar Demon

On the path to healthiness, I have encountered resistance. As a former "Trekkie" I tend to think in the terms that only The Borg will understand, and that is that "Reistance is futile." And for the most part, it really is. I can spend two days eating very well, being conscious of my food choices, and ultimately having a great couple of days. Then I will get in the mood for a sweet, and out comes the cookies (or cake). And do I help myself to one portion? Oh no. Portion could be one cookie or two cookies, or if they're really small, maybe even three. But my problem is that I will have three cookies and think to myself "That's plenty, I don't need anymore." Then 30 minutes later I'm remembering those cookies, and I want more. So I have just one more. Okay, maybe two. And then the cycle just continues. So rather than battle with my resolve, I think I need to work with it.

Battling the Sugar Demon is a pointless endeavor. I don't really want to win. I love my sweets, and I love what sugar does in my kitchen. No matter what form, and I don't intend to give it up. Sugar substitutes just don't cut it for me. You cannot fool my tongue into thinking that processed chemical tastes just like my beloved sugar. So what options do I have? I intend to snuggle up with that Sugar Demon, take him out for a walk, and see just how small I can make him. I intend to be careful.

The worst time of day for me is early afternoon. Zander is sleeping, Abigail is at school, and I usually spend that time curled up with a book, last night's episode of Project Runway, or my blog. I get the munchies really bad, and the Sugar Demon is at full strength. One option that does work for me is dark chocolate. Specifically, Dove Promises. Two of those beautiful pieces of chocolate will take care of any cravings I have, so long as I make it a point to fully savor. I slowly nibble each Promise, letting each nibble melt slowly on my tongue. But what about when that doesn't work? Well, I have recently begun discovering loose-leaf tea, and if I make myself busy brewing a pot, and enjoying every delicate sip of tea, that should also help keep the Sugar Demon satsified. I enjoy my honey with a tiny 1/4 teaspoon of honey, so there is actually very little sweetness involved, but just enough for me.

And if all else fails, I may just brush my teeth. I really don't care much for mint as a flavoring. So if I feel like indulging, a nice coating of toothpaste ought to keep me out of the cookie jar for at least a little while. So I guess it will be a grand experiment. And of course, if anyone has any tips for fighting the Sugar Demon, please feel free to pass them on. I will try and be back tonight to post a yummy pasta recipe, but if not, stay tuned for Wednesday's Weigh In, where the subject of Exercise may come up.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you about having trouble stopping at one, two or... I don't know why but I've been a bit recently (shouldn't but too tempting). Tried freezing in individual pieces -- no help. Just makes me eat some "really hard" sweets or I burn 2 calories walking to the microwave to defrost a bit. Once read, having a big glass a water before grabbing that sweet...

Love your blog!

Erika said...

Thanks anon!

I have tried the glass of water trick...just makes me have to use the bathroom more. I will still help myself to the sweets.

And I know so many people who swear that freezing sweets keeps you from eating them. My thought is frozen brownies taste just as good as fresh ones. I'm not that picky.

Abster said...

Hello Erika! In the same light, I will post my comment from Savory Notebook here.

Ack. Your post says everything I feel about that sugar demon. I'm a fanatic when it comes to desserts (and I bake too), trying out different bakeshops and cafes.

I lost a lot of weight in the past year and hope that I can lose more...but the monster's caught me! And for the past couple of weeks, I just kept on eating junk! (Those yummy but horrible things that made me uber-fat in the first place! Aaaahhh!!!)

11:15 AM