Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Not much new here tonight.

Sorry if you tuned in for a dinner report...dinenr tonight was a new recipe, and it was pretty good, but Andy and I both thought it needed something. So I plan to make it again sometime soon and I will post the recipe once I have it done right. :-)

Yesterday I had Andy stop off and pick up some more yeast for me. I was almost out, and I have really felt like baking bread lately, so I needed yeast. Well, he brought home 2 pounds of yeast from Sam's, so I should be baking up a storm very soon here. Today I started on something new- Ciabatta. I love ciabatta bread, it is so unique and wonderful. Light and airy, yet slightly dense and chewy at the same time. Good ciabatta makes a fantastic sandwich. And according to what I've found so far, good ciabatta is also hard to come by. Today I turned to The Bread Bible again and started her method there. Ciabatta is made from a biga, or a starter, so I made my biga today, and it is sitting in the fridge overnight at least before I get to the ciabatta. Hopefully tomorrow I will get that chance. I also want to work on a whole grain bread, but that one is going to require a shopping trip to get the whole grains. :-)

Short little post tonight I guess. Since I don't have much new to post, I don't want to ramble. Tune in tomorrow morning as I resume Weigh-In Wednesday. I've been wavering on the topic for tomorrow, so I won't even give you a preview. Come back tomorrow and find out if my scale has moved...

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