Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Weigh In Wednesday

So much to discuss today!! But first, I must take care of some very, very exciting business!

Congratulations to Anna G. from Cookie Madness!!! For anyone who doesn't know, a fellow food blogger has WON the Pillsbury Cook-Off, taking home 1 million buckaroos! I almost had tears in my eyes for her, I was so excited. The announcement was on the Today show today, and Anna was so gracious and surprised! Entirely too fun, and quite the excitement for today. If you missed it, be sure and check out her segment tomorrow on the Today Show. So fun to be able to say that I KNOW HER!!!

On to the topic at hand, Weigh In Wednesday. Sadly for me, the scale has not moved yet. I suspect that with the events of the last week, I may have been fluctuating a bit, but I am grateful that the scale hasn't actually climbed. The sad part for me is that a few weeks back I had a physical and that darn professional scale put my weight right where I originally thought it was, but was so excited about it being less. Ah well. I can at least use my scale to accurately measure up or down- I just need to add about 7 pounds at the end.

I also have been blowing it in the exercise department. However, this week I decided I had to do something. Monday I ventured outside and took the kids for a wagon walk, despite the brisk weather that just won't go away. Yesterday I was wavering when my good friend Elizabeth called. We chatted for awhile before I mentioned that Zander was taking an early nap, and I didn't know what to do with myself. Darn that Elizabeth for saying "Exercise!" ;-) So I tried to get the yoga program on and the cable wasn't working right. So instead I put laundry away a piece at a time. My laundry basket was on the first floor- the clothes go on the second. It did take a while, but I felt better about doing something. This morning Zander and I went for a walk to pick up some strawberries and apples, and I was going to let it go at that when that voice rang through my head "Exercise!" Grr. Again though, the yoga program did not want to come on. I dug through my cupboard for my Tae Bo tapes, and decided to check out FITTV instead.

I was just in time for Celebrity Work-Outs, which happened to be some boot camp guy. It actually was a good workout. A little bit of everything tossed in, a little cardio, a little muscle toning, a little stretching, just a nice rounded workout. I decided to record it for future use, and to eliminate commercials. Yes. Commercials. THAT was annoying. We'd be going along at a really good clip when they would take a break for a commercial. It was like the momentum just fizzled out. I took the commercials to try and speed clean my kitchen, but really- commercials smack dab in the middle of a workout?

But I did a great workout, and I have really been conscious of what I am eating. In fact, today I picked up an avocado to make guacamole, and when it came time for lunch, I just couldn't bring myself to make it to go with chips. So I tried some new things (for me anyway) with avocado, and now I MUST get back to the store. I made a simple wrap with a little cheddar cheese, tomato, sliced avocado, lots of spinach, and some plain yogurt. YUM!!! Then with the remaining half of an avocado I made a sort of fruit salad with an orange and a few strawberries. A drizzle of orange juice and a handful of walnuts completely made a satisying lunch.

Avocados are relatively new to me. We never ate them growing up, and my first experience with one was a terrible one. My senior year in HS I had two good friends who were vegetarian, and I wanted to be. Well, I convinced my mom to pick an avocado up for me once when we were out shopping. I was certain they would make a fantastic sandwich. Which I am sure it would have had I not put that avocado on the hardest and toughest homemade cinnamon-raisin bagel. Ick. (Also my first experience making bagels- another story.) I so had to choke down that sandwich. And I avoided avocados and guacamole at all costs until fairly recently. I'm so glad I gave them abother whirl.

So tonight there may be a dinner report. I haven't totally decided what we're having, but I guess I better decide pretty quick as I need to pull something out of the freezer...until then, here's to healthy eating and commercial-free exercise.


val said...

hi erika,

just thought I would give you a little bit of encouragement here.

I've cut back (WAY back) on the baking. In fact, I have only baked once in the last 4 weeks (normally I bake daily). I have only lost 2 1/2 pounds in this time. not surprising with the amount of food I am eating. but I was hoping for more considering how hard it has been for me not to bake!! I am eating 2200 cals per day -- that doesn't sound like a diet, but that's what I am having and that is WAY lower than what I was having prior to the "diet." keep in mind I am nursing so I "get" 500 cals for that. so it is really like 1700 cals.

I have been trying to hold myself accountable by telling other people about my "diet." Seems that you are doing the same... but if you need a weight loss buddy, let me know!


Erika said...

Thanks for the encouragement Val! It's really frustrating to me that for almost a month now I've really been conscious of what I am eating, and nothing is changing yet. Like you I've drastically reduced my baking and my overall hoarding of sweet treats in the house.

Hopefully I will be able to change things up a bit soon. I think I need to focus even more on the fresh fruits and veggies, provided they start to look a little more appealing in the grocery bins.

And I DO think that posting here weekly is helping to keep me accountable. It helps that I "know" everyone who checks in here- whether that be virtual or IRL, I never know who's checking in here and can say- "Hey, I saw you eat that entire pan of brownies last week!"

And I can always use another weight loss buddy. :-) The more people who know, the harder it is to "fall off the wagon".

val said...

I think I will check in here with you and we can keep each other company!

Erika said...

Sounds great Val!