Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter's In The Air

Holidays are great. Especially with kids. The simplest things bring such joy to a child. Just thiking about Easter made Abigail happy today. She can't wait to hunt her Easter Eggs and Easter Basket. And she can't wait to see Auntie Rachel and Uncle Cody. She's just so excited! Zander was able to share some of that Easter-y fun with her today. Here was today's project:

They sure had fun dyeing those Easter Eggs. The fun part will be eating some of them tomorrow. Zander doesn't particularily care for eggs- especially hard-boiled ones, so we'll see if the neat colors and stickers on them make him want to eat them. Doubtful, but it is possible.

Mommy also got into the Easter spirit today. Other than waiting for the little bunnies to turn themselves in for the night so we can hide the eggs and baskets, that is. I decided to try and create a simple Easter cookie. Usually for Easter I make cut-outs. Yes, always good, but I just wanted something easier. As I surveyed the pantry, my eye landed on the tubs of colred sugars. What if I used those somehow? Well, a stick of butter and an egg later and I have a rather tasty Easter cookie which I am dubbing Easter-Doodles.

Anyone can make this cookie. Start with your favorite Snickerdoodle recipe. Prepare it as written EXCEPT take the cinnamon that the cookie gets rolled in, and add it with the flour. Putting the cinnamon into the cookie instead of on the cookie. Then take your choice of colored sanding sugars and place them on a plate. Roll your cookie dough into little barrel shapes instead of round balls- this will get them to spread in an egg shape in the oven. Roll your barrels in the colored sugars and proceed with baking. Out pops some very pretty Easter-Doodles. If anyone needs a good Snickerdoodle recipe to start, I will get one into the Treasure Trove in the next day or so. It will be hard to keep our hands out of the cookie jar until tomorrow...

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