Friday, April 14, 2006

A great day!

I think it hit 80º today! It was so nice out, that we decided to head to the zoo. We haven't been since nicer weather. Since we were last there, they managed to raise the funds to add on a pair of giraffes to the zoo. Abigail had a blast feeding them.

They also enjoyed feeding the goats and the alpacas. Here's Zander near the billy goats, although the black goat is hard to see: Both kids were very excited to see the penguins today. Unfortunately, the penguin exhibit needs some post-winter TLC, so we didn't see the penguins. Oh wait. Here's a pair that we found hiding:

It was a blast today. We went early enough that we saw every single animal out and about, it was great. We followed that up with a picnic lunch, some playground time, and a trip to Dairy Queen for some twist ice cream cones. I seriously doubt that we can top today tomorrow, tomorrow's shopping trip will certainly be dull in comparison.

And for a dinner report, we found out something interesting! We really like lamb. I mean, I daresay I might be in love. I got so many bits of advice over the last day, and I totally appreciate every single one of them. My intentions had been to take the lamb sirloin and smear it with freshly chopped garlic and rosemary. The best laid plans though... My rosemary was fuzzy, and the local store was out, so I used a bit of dried rosemary and fresh chives to get that bit of freshness in. I was really nervous. I made chicken legs for the kids, plus extra for us in case we didn't care for the lamb. I hesitated before taking that first bite, and was pleasantly surprised. It was wonderful! And I got a good sampling of lamb on both the rare side and the more well done side. I do see why people would prefer it rare, but I enjoyed it both ways. Next time I won't be so nervous about overcooking.

Anyway, I have crabby kids to tuck away into bed, so I will leave it at that for tonight.

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