Friday, June 2, 2006

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

That sounds like it could be naughty doesn't it? It's actually a fun event being hosted by Sweetnicks today. I'll Show You mine If You Show Me Yours is actually referring to the refrigerator. So let's take a peek, shall we?

Here is the main body of my fridge. It actually is a little empty right now, as I haven't done a major shop in a few weeks. I always have plenty of condiments and go-withs so I can whip up a little something on the spot. Here on the top left shelf I see Mango Chutney, Cashew Butter, Blonde Greek Olives, Pickled Jalapenos, Pickled Habaneros, Red Curry Paste, Country Olive Mix, and the kids Yo-J. Just under that you will see a carton of eggs, watermelon, and a lemon- behind which is two different kinds of sour cream. On the right hand side- top shelf you see, Vanilla Lowfat Yogurt, Plain Lowfat Yogurt, a jar of homemade pickle relish, half a cantaloupe, Andy's Silk Creamer for his coffee, behind which are 3 jars of plain yellow mustard and a bottle of hoisin. Below that we have several different cheeses, several different yogurts, and several different kinds of hummus- behind which are two different kinds of spreadable cream cheese. Below all that we have the requisite milks, juices, lemonade, iced tea, and Mudslide mix.

On to the Doors...
Our fridge is a bottom freezer- French Door top, so we have two refrigerator doors. You will see my collections here. On the left we have the requisite minimum of 3 varieties of jam- our preferred brand is indeed Smuckers. Below that you will see... 5 bottles of salad dressings, and below that still 2 more bottles of dressing before getting to the HI-C juice boxes. To our right, the top shelf is loaded with 6 varieties of mustard. The second shelf has, homemade blueberry jam, tartar sauce, mint jelly, cocktail sauce, and homemade cherry-berry jam. And below that...4 more bottles of salad dressing and a bottle of chili sauce.

And that's about it. I failed to take pictures of the produce drawers- just a few apples, carrots, and nectarines there. And the meat drawer is holding a lone few string cheese pieces and a package of Oscar Meyer Weinies. I get the sense I need to clean out my salad dressings... On to the requisites,

3 Things Always In My Fridge:

  1. Creole Mustard
  2. Yogurt
  3. Milk

3 Things Never In My Fridge:

  1. Tofu
  2. Organ Meats
  3. Baby Food (no more babies here!)

And if you want to see more "confessionals of the fridge" check out Sweetnicks round-up over at her site. Now I need to go clean my fridge out...

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Sylvie said...

This was such a fun event. I love taking a peek in everyone refrigerator.