Monday, June 5, 2006

Why I Chose Not To Do Paper Chef...

Because sometimes good intentions run amuck. This was my attempt at EoMEoTE. And in addition to being dumb enough to take a picture BEFORE dousing the blaze with baking soda, I learned that poaching eggs is so much more than dropping some eggs into simmering water. will be a while before I make Eggs Benedict. And lets just say that semi-poached eggs topped with plain yogurt, Greek blonde olives, and garlic-toasted pita bread is not very tasty. (I was going for the albino look, I guess.)

So I think I better take a tiny break from creating crap and stick to TNT recipes for a little while.

And cake. There must be more cake.

And as for tomorrow...*sigh*... Tomorrow I walk a Kindergartner to school, and when I walk her home, she will be a First Grader. Sniff.


Melissa said...

My kindergartner becomes a first grader next Monday. Sigh, time flies WAY too fast.

AK said...

What happened?!! She'll be so proud, Mama too, if a bit bittersweet proud.