Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm in a slump. Really, other than my strawberry festivities last week, I really haven't felt much like cooking. And no, I can't really blame the weather. It is fairly hot- but not overly so, and I love the hot. I love summer. There are times where I am convinced that I live in the wrong state, (like in winter) and I long to move south to the more temperate state of Alabama. Or West, to the beautiful state of Washington. But then I think of the horrendous bugs that come with the warmer climates, and I content myself with the current status. So no, weather is not to blame for my lack of desire to cook. To be honest, I'm not sure what. In fact, I'm not even sure when I last cooked a "real meal". It's been strawberry waffles and take out for almost a week now. Something's gotta give soon. A recent influx of new cookbooks has me marking pages to try- but no desire to create a grocery list and recreate those recipes. So hopefully soon I'll have something exciting to post about. Tomorrow I will have a post about my favorite cookbooks, but I lack the desire for foodie-isms this evening as I battle with my increasingly crabby children who had a really long weekend and are really super tired. In fact, I thought it was much safer for them if I attempted to banish them to the TV while I sat down to blog for a few minutes. And so I will ramble on about other matters today.

On of my more unknown obsessions is my interest in fashion. I'm not entirely sure where that comes from, but I adore leafing through Harper's Bazaar from time to time. Or watching my guilty pleasure- Project Runway. (Which has a new season starting July 12th!) There are many clothing trends that come and go, and I can't say that I succumb to a lot of them- they're just too darn trendy for me and my unflattering Mommy figure. But sometimes, you just can't avoid a trend. Say, for example, trends with jeans. When I was in high school, jeans were tight- skin tight, and until my last few years, were worn in the most unflattering style of tight rolling. (Yuck! What were we thinking!) That made way for the exact opposite- the return of the bell bottoms, which were also paired with relaxed fit and boot cut jeans. And more recently those bells have been reduced to the flare. The flare was a trend I rejected- much too close to the bell bottoms worn by my parents in the 70's- I was not going that route. And then. I bought a pair. And with the right chunky heeled shoes or tall strappy sandals- I confess they look pretty darn good. I now own flare jeans, and had every intention of purchasing more.

Until yesterday. To my horror, celebrities and fashion icons have determined the next wave of fashion to hit the humble blue jean. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, the peg-legged pant is back. Those tight to the ankle faded blue jeans from the late 80's and early 90's will be everywhere come back-to-school time. They are already available at the upper tier department stores- like Neiman Marcus. Starlets have already been sighted wearing the atrocities with the obligatory pair of heeled pumps. Here is one horrible picture. And while we can hope that maybe this trend will carry over to the young men who STILL think that a crotch hanging down to the knees is going to get the girl, we will still have to scour every shelf in the jean section praying that there is a pair of jeans that we don't need a shoehorn and a pair of pliers to squeeze ourselves into. And now as the flare jean will undoubtably make a silent exit, we can pray that they take gauchos with them...and hope that the peg leg jeans have a very, very short run.

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