Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Great Repeat Dinner

Last night was a repeat of recipes that I had made before- but I never got to post a picture. The last time I made last night's dinner was for a quick meal when Andy's parents had come to visit. It was just as good then as it was last night. Rachael ray's Potato, Spinach, and Tomato soup is quick and delicious. And her accompanying Panini with Prosciutto, Roasted Pepper and Mozarella is equally good, and they match each other well. However. Rachael Ray what are you thinking! There is no way this soup recipe only serves 4. Not even 4 ravenous grown men. Now I give you that I added a package of refrigerated tortellini- and that adds some bulk. But this makes a lot of soup! I easily have lunch for myself for the next week, and I served up 6 bowls of it last night. Other changes I made were to use Italian diced tomatoes instead of plain- definitly do that again. I also reduced the potatoes to 1 and 1/2 pounds instead of 3- and then I added a small can of navy beans to make up for less potatoes. Again, a very good change, and one I will make in the future. You can see that it's quite thick in the picture- apparantly the tortellini sucked up a lot of the broth- you could always add more if that is yoru preference.

If you would like to see the original post about these recipes- you can check that out over here. You can find the recipes there or in the Recipe Trove.


SmileyCarrie said...

Wow that sounds delicious!! It's a bit hot here to have soup right now but this will be a great winter meal! Thanks!!

Erika said...

I know, it has been in the high 90's the last week or so. :-) Really too warm for soup, but we spent the day in the AC and I was cool enough to warrant a bowl.