Wednesday, September 13, 2006

400 Posts!

Yikes! I had no idea that my last post was a monumental post. Yesterday I hit the 400th post milestone. wow. That's a lot of thoughts floating out there on the internet.

Unfortunately, today I don't really have the time to get all poetic about it and share something profound. Right now Zander has a playmate over, so I'm a busy beaver today. We are also getting ready for dance tonight, so it's a crazy day. What I did want to share though was that I did finally get an opportunity to update the cheese blog. Check out the link over on the sidebar if you're looking for something to read through, it was a pretty good cheese.

I'm also making a few changes (yet again) to the overall look of my blog. Feel free to share any thoughts. And just in case you're looking for it, the subscription form has moved to the bottom of the page, so scroll all the way down to see it and subscribe. Happy Wednesday!


Andy said...

congrats on the 400 posts!

here's my blog, it's a rough start, but I thought I should get something out there...I'll have to put your salsa recipe on there as well, with your permission of course.

Joe said...

Congrats Erika!

Erika said...

Andy- permission granted! I'm looking forward to checkin gout your blog.

Joe- Thanks! Have you tamed all those bugs yet?

veuveclicquot said...

WOW!!!!! Happy 400-post anniversary.

Looking forward to many more fun recipes and family anecdotes. :)