Friday, September 29, 2006

And the results are in...

Oh man, do I suck.

Today was my self imposed deadline to stick to a grocery budget. I gave myself a limit of $65 for groceries, plus $10 for things like shampoo and laundry detergent. So that was a total of $75, which still seems high to me. Here's how it breaks down:

$7.68 spent on laundry and shampoo
$55.62 spent on items on list

$63.32 total had I stuck to my list, which is actually $12 under budget.

However. I don't know that I really thought through on my list. I left off things that are staples to us like yogurt and cheese. And cereal. we must have cereal. regardless, the end result is that I spent an extra $34.72 this week on groceries- although $2.48 of that was for church supplies, so that doesn't count towards my grocery budget. Part of me can rationalize this by saying to myself that I am making pulled pork sandwiches this weekend for a roofing crew, so that does add extra. But the truth is that my willpower just wasn't there. I only hope I can manage when I really need it to count. Overall though, I did spend a lot less than normal. My total bill this week came to $98.04. And lately my weekly bill has been at or above $150, so that is much better in that scheme of things. Still needs work though. I really didn't NEED to add a box of granola bars and a box of fruit snacks to my cart.

In other news, Tummy Treasure posts may be a little sporadic over the next week or two. I am about to be a terrible Mom, but you just have to check out this picture I took last night.

This is my little boy wearing underpants for the first time. He is so proud of Thomas and Spongebob underwear, that he's running around in shirt, socks, and underpants. Today I feel like I have a puppy, because there's been many a wet spot on my carpeting. Hopefully that will change later today after a well-deserved trip to Toys R Us to pick out his very own potty. So as you can see, I am focusing my attention on potty training over the next week or so. I think I waited just long enough, because he's actually excited about it. Thank God for character underwear! So please send me good potty-training vibes... I may need them.


kranzboy said...

Ok. This has nothing to do with Erika's post, but what I have to say is her fault, and it's food related, so I'll post it on the foodie's blog. Black pepper on PB & J. Fresh cracked. I got the idea from some strawberry-black pepper jam that I thought was just perfect. So. Why not crack some pepper onto my daily sandwiches for my lunch. It was fantastic. Thanks, Erika!

the rachel said...

caleb, you put cracked black pepper on EVERYTHING, so your opinion does not count. =)

Jenn said...

His daughter is taking after her daddy. Kara has found many things to put pepper on.

Erika- Caleb and I found out that we can't go food shopping on empty stomachs. We spend more. This last trip we spent over $100. $40 more that what I had budgeted. Maybe try going on full stamachs, see if that helps at all.

Gabriella True said...

potty training! WOW. reall underpants. that is really amazing.

My xan took his diaper off and sat on the potty. no pp but it was a major major step.

oh and will try the pepper on pbutter.