Thursday, September 14, 2006


Well. I guess I didn't Build A Better Burger. For anyone interested, you can view the finalists list here at the Build A Better Burger Blog. I submitted two recipes this year. And one I thought needed further tweaking, but the second one was really good. So I would like to think that I made a technical error with my submission- they are very particular about their recipes. Especially when I look at the list, and for my region, the finalist is a Honey-Chipotle Beef burger. I'm sure it's good, and I may make it myself sometime, but chipotle is hardly new and innovative. *sigh* I guess we'll unpack our bags. I was really looking forward to that trip to Napa. ;-)


AK said...

One of the finalists is my friend/foodblogger Karen from FamilyStyle! We're meeting today to work on her blog!

Erika said...

So have you had her burger? Hers sounds incredible- a coconut chicken burger.

That's so cool that she's a friend of yours. You know she can bring someone with her to Napa... you should plead your case. ;-)