Thursday, September 7, 2006

Not much to tell

It's been a busy week here, and I'm sorry to say, there hasn't been much to post about. Yesterday was crock-pot creation day, and while I did think the Chicken stew I made was pretty good, by the end of the meal it tasted like just another crockpot dish. I hate to think that Wednesday is going to become more of a take-out night, but so far, I am unimpressed with my crock pot dinners. They just all end up tasting the same. So I guess it is just going to take more experimenting. I think that next week I may pull out my Nesco roaster instead and roast a chicken with some veggies... at least that would eliminate that off taste from the crock pot.

Today I did send Abigail to school with a fun lunch. I picked up some crescent rolls and some natural hot dogs made locally, and made some pigs in a blanket. She told me her lunch was silly, but she did a great job on it. You can see the lunch to the left here. A croissant dog, pickles, mixed fruit, cookies, and ketchup in the small blue container. She was a little wierded out by the hot dog being cold, I think. But she did say that I could make this again for her sometime. The only problem we are having with her right now is breakfast. But she's never been a big breakfast eater. (Gee Mom, who does that sound like?) She does have a snack/milk time in the morning at school, and she is allowed to bring in a healthy snack. So far all she wants to take for that is carrot sticks. So she has a carton of milk and a handful of carrot snacks around 10:00, and lunch at 11:15, so I guess I can let a bit of light breakfast eating go on.

That's really all today. We have a busy weekend ahead, so I don't know how much posting I'll get in. We have a family gathering on Saturday with my Grampa, a company dinner on Sunday where I am preparing authentic Indian food, and then Monday is the premiere of Monday Night Football. And I promised Andy his Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip, so the kitchen will be cranking out a couple of things over the next several days. I'll try and take a few minutes here and there to post them.

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