Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Back to School Vent

Talk about the most unfair thing to a 6 year old girl.

Abigail loves school. She was looking forward to 1st grade the day she got done with kindergarten. And then all summer we heard about her best friend Irissa, and how much Abigail missed her. And Then Abigail was REALLY looking forward to school when we found out Irissa was going to be in her class this fall. She was also excited about 2 other girls she knew- and oddly, there were only going to be 3 kids in her new class that Abigail knew. Well, today she gets to school and she knows no one. Irissa and the other two were moved to a different class. And Abigail has to start all over and make all new friends- which is great, and she'll make them easily. But everyone else in class has several classmates from kindergarten that they know. How unfair is that. You would think that from a kindergarten class of 25, plus the other 7 or 8 kids her age she considers a friend, that one of them would be in her class. Grrr. I'm an angry Mommy this afternoon.

ETA- on the plus side, lunch was a grand success. She ate quite well and didn't have any problems with the lunchbox. We had a minor leaky problem- but I didn't cover the orange slices, so the juice leaked out a bit and got the stickers. I'll know to cover them in the future.


Tanya said...

I found your Blog through Culinary in the Desert! I am sorry to hear about Abigail's class. My son started 2nd grade yesterday and I must say I am surprised that there weren't friends she knew in her new class. You'd think the school would balance the students from previous classes out! I hope she makes oodles of new friends. Her pic is darling and that lunch looks yummy!

veuveclicquot said...

Gosh... I remember 3rd grade when I started at a new school. It was miserable to try to make new friends at that age!!!

Hope she adjusts well and makes new friends quickly. :)

Erika said...

Well, she is adjusting now. Today she told me her day was awesome. And she spends a lot of recess time with her old friends, so life is good for her, I think.

Thanks for dropping in Tanya. Sorry it hasn't been very exciting around here lately.