Thursday, October 5, 2006


Last night was dance night. It was a special dance night. We had to go an hour early, Zander was going to be a guest of his cousin Kara in her dance class. Except he wienied out and decided he just wanted Mommy. And as it turned out, Kara's teacher was needed to teach a tumbling class, so the dancers went to spend a week tumbling. Zander still didn't want to do it, despite how fun it looked. However, Abigail joined the class and really liked it. If the job situation goes well, in a few weeks we may add tumbling to our Wednesday night activities. It could only help her with her balance and flexibility. Plus it's fun. For Abigail's class last night, her best friend Irissa was able to join her for special friend day, and they got to learn a dance together. Oh my, it was so cute! The two girls had a blast dancing together. I only wish I'd remembered to take my camera, because it was so special watching them dance together and laugh and smile. It was wonderful.

So for last night's dinner I was inspired by this post at The Savory Notebook. That soup looked really good, and you couldn't beat the simplicity. It was really good! The sausage adds so much flavor to the soup as a whole. I imagine it will be even better at lunch time today. I made up some grilled cheese sandwiches for all of us last night to go with, and we had a perfectly quick dinner. I'm thinking that the next time I do this soup I will make two pots of it, and use hot sausage in half of it for Andy and I. Although today for lunch I will add some red pepper flake to give it some heat then. But there certainly will be a next time. I think this makes the list as one of our favorites- right up there with Cooking Light's Northwoods Bean Soup and Cheddar Chicken Chowder. One thing I can always rely on Cooking Light for is great soup recipes.

I'm not sure what's on tap for today. Most likely I should just stay home today and concentrate on Captain Underpants. Being gone all yesterday afternoon he was wearing a diaper, and probably took like eight steps back in potty training. So hopefully today will go smoothly. We'll see what kind of pantry meal I can come up with today.


Claire said...

I'm so ready to start making soups. Hopefully, I'll be able to soon. We've still been having 90 degree weather but tomorrow (after today's high of 91) the high is 79. As long as it stays around 85 I'll be happy. I agree that this soup looked good! I'm glad that Abigail is having fun in dance. I loved it when I took it.

Alysha said...

Glad the soup worked out for you all. The Northwoods and the Chowder are two of our favorites too. :)

Hey - I like the Shopcast....a new toy for the blog! I've been setting up links to my kitchen hardware, but I really like the idea of pictures right on the blog. Something to check out.........

Erika said...

Wow, 90 degrees still! It seems like it's been cool here for awhile now.

Alysha- the shop cast is really a no-brainer once it's on your blog. I thought it might be fun to do, but since I haven't been shopping much, it's not getting very updated.