Friday, November 24, 2006

A Little Re-Cap

Hey all.

Thanksgiving was fantastic. A wonderful day and a wonderful dinner was had by all. And even though the food was (ahem) quite good, it really was the company that made the day special. So thanks all for coming!

I wasn't going to post food pictures this morning because by now I assume most people still have this full feeling in their stomachs that I am experiencing this fine morning. But then I thought, hey, maybe someone wants to see my turkey.

But first, I have to tell the family in attendance that I cannot figure out how to get a poll on here. If I figure it out, it will be here, but I designed the darn thing, and it doesn't show up. So, sorry! But if you'd like to leave a comment about what your favorite thing was... and maybe what your least favorite was, that will help me prepare for the years to come, since I was officially passed "the wooden spoon" last night.

Here at the left you see my Gorgonzola-Walnut Spread in the form of a cheese ball. My sister Lizzie artfully arranged the red pears and crackers around the ball. Looks good huh? Yeah, it turned out pretty well, I would say. I would love a tip from anyone though on how to keep tiered platters from sliding around on each other. It made the cheese ball a little hard to get at.

Here at the right is the Cider-Brined and Glazed Turkey waiting to be carved. It was hard to get a good pictured that really captured how caramelized and gorgeous the skin got. It started darkening up within the first hour, so after two hours had passed, I needed to cover with foil, but the overall result was moist and juicy. Mmm. Can we say turkey sandwiches anyone?

And then here to the left you can sort of see most of the rest of the meal. Right at the front is Mom's stuffing, followed by the sesame brussels sprouts, then the fennel and orange salad. Behind that is the group of pickles/olives/spreads, and way back there are some beans and carrots with lemon chive butter and the mashed potatoes.

Not everything fit on the table exactly, so it needed to be placed on the counter and transported one at a time. It was definitely way too much food.

Again, a huge thank you to the family who came and made the day so special for my family. The kids were just thrilled to see everyone who was here, and I have no doubt they fell asleep with smiles on their faces. Although Zander wsa a little confused when I tucked him in. "But Mommy! We didn't do Thanksgiving yet!" And now I am off to experience the madness known as Black Friday. It wasn't in my plans for this weekend, but my baby sister talked me into it, so off I go.


Claire said...

Glad to hear that you had a good Thanksgiving. Ours was great as well! We had fun with all the kiddos running around and I went shopping for Christmas decorations with a friend who dropping in from Nashville today! It was fun. Now I've got to study and get back in school mode (after we put up the Christmas tree, or course!). :-)

Erika said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well Claire! Sorry you have to get back into school mode- but you'll have a bit of a break coming up right?

the bug said...

The food was great! I would have to say my favorites were the turkey and the sweet potatoes (which you did not mention by the way). Oh so delicious!

My least favorite had to have been the beets. I have always preferred not to eat beets, and I didn't think that these ones really tasted like anything other than beets. :P

Erika said...

wow! A visit from the bug!

Andy loved those sweet potatoes too! I guess I'll have to do that one again.

I am shocked that you didn't like the beets!