Sunday, November 26, 2006

Revisiting India

Back in September, Andy and I- along with some guests- sampled some Indian cuisine. It was amazing, to say the least. Andy had been leery about Indian food up to that point, and let me just say that he is now hooked. His parents have been visiting us this week, and when we were planning what I was going to cook, Andy suggested Indian. Hey- when my husband suggests Indian food, I'd better notice and do what he says. I planned to re-make the Butter Chicken from the last time, but I wanted a different vegetable dish. The Biryani I'd made last time was quite time consuming, so I needed something more simple. I have a gorgeous British Indian cookbook, so I flipped through and settled on some Punjabi Cabbage. We were not disappointed. It was incredibly easy to put together, and it was a fantastic compliment to the Butter Chicken, Raita, and Naan.

We're really going to have to put Indian food into a regular rotation. It is just a fascinating cuisine to me and it is so full of wonderful flavors. Of course, any cuisine that allows you to eat with your fingers and sop up drippings and sauces with a flatbread can't be bad in my book anyways. I'm looking forward to doing more, and I'm looking forward to discovering more in my Indian cookbook.
As to the next week or so ahead...? Hard to say what you will find here at Tummy Treasure. It's definitely going to be a pantry week for cooking. I want to get started on my Christmas goodies, but since this week is a budget week, I will have to plan carefully. Tonight for sure is a leftover night/clean out the fridge sort of night. However, we are going to be putting up some Christmas decorations inside today, so there may be a batch of sugar cookies making their way out of my oven. Stay tuned...


the rachel said...

one of my favorite things about sri lanka was the homemade cuisine. it was absolutely amazing!! but you'd be surprised how many people in my group had a hard time eating with their hands... =)

Erika said...

Mmmm. You should make that butter chicken Rachel. You'd really like it.