Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Things that make you go...


I have to confess. I don't have much to blog about today. I've been in such a streak with blogging, updating almost every day. And I've spent the last two days putting up Christmas decorations, and haven't been cooking or creating. I'm officially sick of leftovers- although in the back of my head I'm thinking that I need to make that turkey again very soon. We went through the leftovers in no time, and there are a whole slew of post-Thanksgiving recipes that I never got around to trying. However, I thought I'd post a few suggestions for your turkey leftovers- should you still have some. (Although if you haven't used it up by today- may I suggest the freezer for long-term storage?)

First on my list of leftover favorites is my Deep Dish Chicken Pot Pie. Make it with leftover turkey, and any stray veggies you want to throw in. This would be an excellent place to use up those vegetables that are languishing from your crudite plate. Need a sandwich idea? This panini from Rachael Ray would be most excellent with some turkey added to the mix. A family favorite around here, White Chicken Chili is always fantastic made with turkey leftovers. Another favorite recipe came from my brother and sister in law years ago. I've changed it up a little, and it does contain that infamous can of cream of mushroom soup, but I wouldn't have White Chicken Enchiladas any other way. And finally, a Cooking Light favorite is Cheddar Chicken Chowder. It won't quite be the same using pre-cooked turkey, but I promise that this soup is excellent, and one of our favorites.

Well, I guess that's it. Today we are going to put up Christmas decorations at church. I had been hoping to find some time to make another flavor of fondant or attempt a unique variation on a truffle. We'll see. Hopefully tomorrow I can figure out something a little more exciting to post about.

**Editing to add that if you're looking for more entertaining reading, I have an article up this morning on Kids Cuisine about kid-friendly fudge. If you're looking for an easy gift idea, this is the solution for you!


Molli said...


Did you see the latest issue of CI? They give the nod to the 15 minute fudge - very similar to what you posted from Eagle Brand. I tried it a couple weeks ago from another source and could not believe how easy it was to make and good tasting too!

Erika said...

No! I have not seen that issue. There are so many things to love about that fudge. First of, it's extremely quick, it tastes great, the variations are limited only by imagination, and the texture is smooth and creamy. Someone who is a die-hard fan of the more traditional crumbly fudge wouldn't like it so much, I think, but it really cannot be beat. (And this from someone who LOVES tradtional stirred fudge.)