Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not much

I still don't have much to post about.

Yesterday I did successfully make a truffle variation, but I'm not quite ready to share the method I used yet- it may need some tweaking. However, I can say that this year I bought some chocolate molds- and it makes a fantastic truffle shell! It is so much easier to fill a piping bag and fill small little shells than it is to hand-dip these particular soft truffles. I will be using the hand-dipping for the fondant centers, mints, and coconut bites, but for the truffles- wow! I'll be sure and show some pictures of that process soon.

I also decided that I needed to make some sugar cookies yesterday. I thought Abigail would enjoy cutting out some cookies after school, and I was right on with that one. Both kids had a blast cutting out cookies, and of course sampling some afterwards. We were going to ice and sprinkle them too, but I ran out of time and since we have ballet tonight, the icing will have to wait until after school on Thursday. You can find the recipe for Sugar Cookie Cutouts in the Recipe Trove, and here are some pictures of my little cookie monsters busy at work.


Claire said...

HOw much fun! I wanted to make cookies with my little cousin over Thanksgiving but it didn't happen...she was just too busy playing and left too soon.

Erika said...

Sorry you missed it Claire! I don't know what it is about baking cookies with kids. Today we did the frosting and sprinkles, and had so much fun together. Priceless.