Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Buche De Noel

As promised, here is the picture of yesterday's Christmas cake. I have to say, I am still surprised at how much it actually looked like a log. I decided against making fake leaves, mushrooms, etc, and just let the log be a log. I did end up dressing it up just a bit though. We have a package of sprinkles called dirt and ants, and it was a perfect addition. The little crumbles looked like dirt, and then I had to make a little line of ants crawling across the log, it was kinda fun. The kids really liked the ants. A dusting of powdered sugar was all it really needed after that.

The cake itself? Meh. It was good for what it was, but the cake itself really lacked in flavor. The filling was good, and the frosting was good, but I tossed the recipe for the frosting and used my own. I will hunt down a different cake. This one was a chocolate cake with a white filling, and I think I like the look better of a white cake with chocolate filling, so I will try that for next year.

We had a wonderful Christmas together. We did get to spend time with my family, and that was great. We also spent time at home, just us. We ate a little too much, but that's to be expected. The kids got everything they wanted, Andy was pleasantly surprised with his MP3 player, and I was the recipient of a fantastic Cuisinart blender- bring on the smoothies! Overall, it was a wonderful couple of days, and it really only gets to continue for us this week. Andy has off work, and Abigail has off school, so bring on the fun!


Mimi J. said...

You did it! C'est magnifique!

Erika said...

Thanks Mimi! It was fun to do, I just wish it had tasted a little better. And now I have it in my mind to master chocolate clay over the next year so that next year I can make chocolate leaves and pinecones to decorate with. Thank goodness I have a whole year to play with it!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!