Friday, December 29, 2006

Taking a break

I hope no one minds too terribly that Tummy Treasure has been taking a bit of a break this week. There hasn't been much at all to blog about food-wise, as we're relaxing post-holiday with leftovers and dining out. We literally have scads and scads of cookies and treats leftover, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to deal with them. Part of me wants to tuck them away in the freezer for a sweet attack at another time. Part of me wants to prove I have the willpower to just toss them, and part of me wants to go to town and eat them up before they go bad. Inevitably, a large platter will make it's way to church on Sunday, but I imagine most will be like me- a little tired of the sweets.

As the year nears its close, I think back on this last year on Tummy Treasure, and I am simply amazed. Going all the way back to last January, it has been an eventful year in my kitchen! Coming up in the next day or two, watch for a "year in review" as I highlight my foodie accomplishments for 2006.

And then I want to look ahead to 2007. I want to set some goals food-wise. Maybe I'll master a couple of new techniques, or a particularily challenging dish. Maybe I'll devote one day a week to a cookbook gathering dust on the shelf. I'm also thinking about exploring other cusines from around the globe, but putting a kid-friendly twist on them. The only thing that I am certain on is that I would like to get back to Weigh-In Wednesday- it is sorely needed, I think. I am also looking to incorporate some vegetarian cooking into my repertoir. I'm not planning on using any soy replacements or anything, just a meal or two a month more than now that highlights vegetables and whole grains as a complete meal. I'd also like to do a couple more ingredient challenges, those are always fun.

Here's where my readers come in. Do you have any suggestions for me? An ingredient or two that you'd like to learn more about? Or a cuisine that you love that you'd like to share, or just a suggestion for a new cooking technique. I'd love to hear it, just leave a comment in the comment section, I promise to take all suggestions under consideration.

I hope everyone's having a great week! We've been having a great time relaxing, amid getting some long-awaited projects finished up. Today we're going shopping for fish to fill Abigail's new fish tank. And speaking of Abigail! We discovered her first ever loose tooth yesterday (actually, two of them) so we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first hole. Does anyone know the going rate for a first tooth? I'll be back in the next day or two with the year in review.


Kalyn said...

I don't know if you'll be as shocked as I was to discover this, but in my fourth grade class, kids are getting about $5 per tooth from the tooth fairy these days!

Claire said...

I am shocked about how much kids get for teeth! When I was losing teeth (about 15-18 years ago) I only got maybe 50 cents! Lots of inflation.

Erika said...

After much research, it seems that $5 is the "going rate" for the tooth fairy. My first tooth was 50 cents, and I seem to remember that by the time I got to the molars, those ones were worth a buck. I better start saving now! There's a lot of teeth in that mouth!

Alysha said...

Hi Erika. I hope to get back to my healthy living blog - I really need to badly!

I have cooking conquests too - too bad several of them don't exactly help my healthy eating goals much. ;)

As for the tooth fairy - we decided to stick with $1, no matter what the going rate. We stopped doing it altogether when the kids started staying up later and we didn't want to wait for them to fall asleep.

Erika said...

Hey Alysha,
I think my problem with weigh-in Wednesday is that I run out of things to can only say so much about weight loss and exercise. I think I need to focus more on the healthy eating aspect.