Friday, December 15, 2006

A Quick Variation

Last year was the first time I'd made Emeril's Coconut Indulgences. They were an instant hit, they taste just like a Mounds candy bar, which is one of my all-time favorite candy bars. For those of you across the pond, a Mounds is very much like a Bounty bar. Coconut dense inside, simply coated in chocolate. And the Coconut Indulgences are almost identical in flavor. Last year when I made them I rolled them into balls, and then flattened them slightly, so they looked like real mini candy bars.

I went to make them this year, and I felt myself being haunted. This past summer, the makers of the Mounds bar produced the singularly most spectacular candy-offering ever. It was a Tropical Orange variation on the Mounds, and I adored it. It was like sunshine in a candy bar, and it went away much too quickly. I wondered if it would be easy to recreate, so I turned to my meager confectionery supplies. I've been gathering flavorings and extracts with the hope of working with hard candy this year, and in those supplies, I possess both orange oil and a pineapple flavoring. So I added about 6 drops of orange oil and 2 drops of pineapple oil to the coconut mixture, along with some yellow-orange food coloring. And O...M...G... Heaven.

I rolled these into balls and hand dipped them into some dark chocolate. Right now they are faring safely in the freezer. Since I don't like frozen chocolate, the freezer is a very safe place if I want them to make it to Christmas. Here is the original recipe, and I have to say, add some orange oil drops at the very least- It adds a fantastic layer of flavor, and the pineapple flavoring just takes it entirely over the top.

Emeril's Coconut Indulgences

5 ounces condensed milk (I ended up using about 3/4 of a can)
1 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 package sweetened flaked coconut -- (14-ounce)
3 cups semisweet chocolate chips (I used dark chocolate for dipping)

In a large bowl, combine the condensed milk, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. Stir well until thoroughly incorporated and smooth. Add the coconut and stir well to combine. With a tablespoon, scoop out portions of the candy mixture onto a baking sheet. With wet hands roll the candies into rounds. Refrigerate until firm, about 1 hour.

In the top of a double boiler or metal bowl set over a pot of simmering water, melt the chocolate chips. Pour the chocolate into a shallow bowl and, using 2 forks or toothpicks, dip the coconut balls into the chocolate and roll to coat completely. Shake off the excess, and place on a rack set over a baking sheet covered with waxed paper. Repeat with the remaining candies and let air dry, or refrigerate to harden


Jann said...

These look wonderful-I have never had much success making candy. Sure like to eat it, though!

Erika said...

Jann, this candy is effortless- truly. If you can open a can of condensed milk and mix goo with your hands, you'll do just fine with these. They sure are worth it!