Thursday, December 14, 2006

They Liked It!

Tired of seeing holiday goodies on every page on every blog and website? You won't see one today here! One reason for that is that I don't have a picture to share today. :-) Another reason is that the recipe I'm sharing is not a sweet one. I have spent time cooking other than sweets and treats, but the sweets are so much more fun to share!

The recipe I'm sharing today is one that I made on Saturday. Andy had requested meatloaf for dinner, but he said I could do whatever I wanted to the meatloaf. I thought about it and thought about it, and decided that it had been a while since we had Asian flavors in my kitchen. The kids are not always receptive of Chinese style cooking, so I don't do it often. I started with an Eating Well recipe for Salisbury Steaks as my meatloaf part of dinner. I also recruited Zander to help with it. Lately if I'm in the kitchen, he wants to help, so I had him help dump ingredients in. It's so fun to see him lean over and smell something (deeply, mind you) and voice his opinion as to whether it's good or not. He loved the way Hoisin sauce smelled. That got me thinking about what we were going to have with meatloaf, and I thought something new and kid friendly was in order. Cooking Light to the rescue.

Years ago, Cooking Light published a recipe for Tofu and Fettuccine in a Finger-Licking Peanut Sauce. I always skipped over it because of the tofu, but the rest of the recipe appealed to me, so one night I made it up for Andy and I, and I thought it was pretty good, but a little spicy for the kids. This was going to be dinner, and I was going to use spaghetti, since that's what I had. And of course, Peanut Flavored spaghetti had to have meatballs, so the meatloaf turned into meatballs, and we had Asian Flavored spaghetti and meatballs. Abigail ate all her components, and Zander specifically loved the peanut sauce on the spaghetti. I had a problem with the meatballs being mushy, but I figure that's cause I used frozen bell pepper. Overall, well received, and will be made again, that's for sure

If you came here today hoping for a sweet post, you are not totally out of luck. Check out my post today over at Kids Cuisine. You can find a recipe for super simple peanut butter balls that anyone can make.

And finally, here is a reminder for A Menu For Hope. So far food blogger and blog-readers have donated over $13,000 in just a few days! Thank you so much if you've donated. And if you haven't, please consider it. The United Nations World Food Programme is a very worthy cause, and helps the hungry all over the planet. Every day we have the ability to feed ourselves as many times a day as we want, and elsewhere there are people who never know where and when their next meal is. As an appreciation for your donation, you also get a chance to win some really awesome prizes! Check out the list over at Chez Pim, along with the directions for donating.

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