Monday, May 21, 2007

Fishy Findings

Fish isn't something that makes a frequent appearance on our dinner table. After one issue of Abigail not wanting to eat fish, I just proclaimed my kids non-fish eaters and stayed away from it. Fish for dinner meant a separate chicken entree for the kids, which meant I was making two dinners. And I really hate to do that. The last time I wanted to make fried fish, I decided I was just making fried fish, so when the kids asked what was for dinner, and I told them fish, they both looked at me like I was from outer space. Lucky for me though, they both decided to be brave and try it out. They each polished off a rather large chunk of beer-battered cod before declaring that they liked fish.

Then a few weeks ago we had dinner with my parents and my Dad made some cajun-seasoned tilapia. It was insanely good, and while Abigail didn't want any, Zander gobbled it up, telling Grampa it was really good fish, but it made his tongue tickly. After two successful fishings in a row, I figured it was safe to say that my kids were converted.

So when Zander and I were out shopping last week I spied some swordfish, and it simply had to go in my cart. I've been thinking about swordfish ever since I saw Tyler Florence make some on a Food 911 episode. I made a quick Asian flavored marinade for it from lime juice, low-sodium soy sauce, sesame oil, and black pepper and bathed the steaks for about 20 minutes. (I really wanted to add some chili flakes, but cooking for kids, you know.) To accompany I made a rather forgettable Thai Peanut Salad and some matchstick veggies in soy butter. The veggies were perfect for letting the fish star. When I put a portion on each of the kids plates they looked at me kind of funny, but agreed that they would try it. Not only did they like it, but they inhaled it, both finding it amusing that they liked to eat swordfish. I am thrilled because I want to cook more fish, and this completely opens up the door for other fish dinners at our house. So keep an eye out, I hope there will be plenty of fishy options coming this summer from my kitchen.

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