Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Remembering Some Older Recipes

One of the hazards of blogging is that a recipe that you've tried and enjoyed often gets shelved and forgotten in favor of something new. Since I'm always looking for something new to blog about, a recipe that I've talked about before obviously isn't new. But I thought that today I'd bring a couple of recipes to mind that are excellent for grilling season, which is fully upon us.

The first recipe is one that I made this past Saturday, and realized that I haven't made it since last August, which is crazy because it's very simple and the flavor is excellent. And had I known I didn't have a photo of it, I would have paused long enough to snap a quick one. Regardless, Caribbean Chicken is a great way to grill your chicken breasts. The marinade comes together in a snap, and you can toss the chicken in it first thing in the morning as you head out the door, and when you come home it's ready to throw on the grill. Another reason I love this chicken is that it can also be frozen. Make the marinade in a freezer bag, drop in your chicken breasts, and place in the freezer. A quick dinner is on hand whenever you want it! I served the chicken up this weekend with some fresh pineapple and a lettuce salad.

The second recipe is another marinade, this one for pork tenderloin. Back in February I made this Herb-Roasted Pork Tenderloin and thought it would be fantastic on the grill. We pulled the recipe out of the archives for this past Monday and it truly was meant to be grilled. The changes this time were that I used fresh thyme and fresh marjoram instead of dried in the marinade- and it really was spectacular! I also happen to think that this would be a freezable marinade meal as well, and since it's good grilled or oven-roasted is very versatile.

And finally, the third recipe I want to re-share today is one for barbecued beans. This past winter we discovered we really enjoyed them under the name of Barbecued Kielbasa. On Sunday Andy slow-smoked a sirloin roast, so we ran with the barbecue theme and wanted some beans to accompany. I immediately thought of these beans, and pulled up the recipe. The only change I made was to use half the sausage, and I also cooked it differently. It was going to be a crock-pot creation, so I dumped everything in and turned it on. About an hour before dinner I gave them a stir and realized my error. These always baked in an oven and thickened up, in the crock pot, all the liquid was trapped and I was essentially making a barbecue soup...not what I wanted. So we dumped the beans into a foil pan and Andy grilled them uncovered for the remaining time, and the results were spectacular! Thick and soft and full of smoky flavor, Barbecued Kielbasa is proving versatile indeed.

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