Friday, August 10, 2007

I *Heart* This Marinade

Recently I was in the mood for teriyaki. It's something I order out, but seldom make because I've never found a marinade I liked. Whether homemade or store-bought, I found them all cloying or too heavily flavored. So I found myself standing in front of the marinade section at the store and there was quite the selection of Teriyaki sauces. How to pick one? I started with the ingredients. Any one that contained high fructose corn syrup was automatically eliminated. That didn't leave much. This particular marinade caught my eye because of the plethora of sesame seeds. Sesame in teriyaki? No corn syrup? It was worth a try.

In a word, delicious. I love this marinade. I first tried it on chicken tenders, and I loved how it subtly invaded the chicken and filled it with flavor. Last night we tried it on swordfish and shrimp. (It was splurge night last night) The results there were even better than the chicken. This marinade was light enough that it didn't overwhelm the flavor of the shrimp or the swordfish at all. It complemented them very nicely. While I could probably try to make my own teriyaki marinade, with this one at my disposal in a bottle, why would I search for anything else. Kona Coast has many, many other marinades, and I intend to make my way through many of them.

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