Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sharing Some Link-Love

A friend of mine recently shared this blog with me. Her exact words were "you have to check this blog out. Have to." So I finally did, and she was completely right. The Pioneer Woman Cooks is a website dedicated to delicious at-home fare. Pioneer Woman takes it a step further though and goes step by step through the process to make something delicious. And I mean step by step. It's really a perfect tutorial for someone who doesn't cook so much (or doesn't cook so well). With full color photographs detailing every step of a recipe, her recipes are practically foolproof.

I have just begun exploring this blog, but I definitely wanted to share it with my readers. Want to make cinnamon rolls? Or, I should say, seven pans of cinnamon rolls? Pioneer Woman's directions and pictures sure give me the confidence to tackle that myself. Right now she's got a delectable looking blackberry cobbler up on the main page. If only I had some blackberries!

Anyway, check it out. The Pioneer Woman Cooks. And oh boy, does she ever!


Rachel said...

wow! what a great site! (i think we have a certain sister who would benefit from it...)

Claire said...

This is a good site. I love her pictures.

Jenn said...

I took a look and wow!! I looked at the cinnamon rolls first.( I have been wanting to make my own) I love the pics and she is funny. I may have to add it to my favs.

Erika said...

Lol Rachel! Do you think it would help...;-)

Claire, the step by step photos are really well done- it's got to make prep take twice as long!

So are you going to make the cinnamon rolls Jenn? If you read the comments, many posters say they've made her frosting using vanilla instead of maple. I'm thinking about making the rolls and then freezing them (without the frosting).