Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A New Penzey's Find

Penzey's has a new spice blend out called Tuscan Sunset. It's a salt-free Italian style seasoning. The ingredients on the back are basil, oregano, Aleppo pepper, garlic, thyme, fennel, black peppers and anise. I picked it up the last time I was at Penzey's, and I have to say, it is excellent for adding just a touch of flavor to something. The Aleppo pepper gives it just a touch of heat, and overall, I really like the flavor combination. In last night's case, I used it on a fillet of salmon that Andy grilled. We added some grey salt, and then finished it off tableside with a squeeze of lemon, it was very good and well worth repeating.

And would you believe the ants are still at it! They took a break late yesterday, but I woke up this morning to find them still swarming the terro. The do seem to be stopping there and not going into the pantry, but as long as they're around, the pantry contents are all over my kitchen and in the basement. It makes it pretty difficult to navigate and cook something. On the plus side though, as I was bleaching the pantry again yesterday, I decided that it was finally time to give the shelves a coat of paint. Something I've been meaning to do since we moved in two years ago! It will be much easier to clean the shelves now and it also will be easy to spot critters earlier. I'm also in need of a Tupperware sale, as I think I need to have sealable homes for more pantry staples. I sure hope those ants finish up soon!


Kalyn said...

Wow, thanks for the tip, it sounds fantastic. I'm trying not to buy things from Penzeys right now (ha, ha) so I just threw away their latest catalog without looking at it. I have a huge drawer in my kitchen full of bags of spices from there. But when the next catalog comes, this sounds like something I must have.

Sorry about the ants, but new paint is always fun.

Anonymous said...

Erika do you know what kind of ants they are? You should take a picture of some of them next to coin so we can see them. I hope they're gone soon.


Erika said...

It's a very good spice blend Kalyn, I think you'll like it.

Belle, I can't take a picture, these ants really are tiny. You would never see them next to a coin. Think of a grain of corn meal and you get the idea as to the size. ;-)

Katie said...

Where do you get your grey salt? Sounds great!

Erika said...

Katie I buy my salt at Penzeys. I have a local store, but you can order online at www.penzeys.com or I'm also a fan of www.saltworks.com where I got my now beloved fleur-de-sel.