Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mmmm....Corn Muffins

Last night Abigail had Nutcracker practice so it was an unexpected crock-pot night this week in addition to tonight's regular one. It didn't take me long to check out the freezer and decide to pull out some previously BBQ'd country style ribs. We all love these ribs, and the reheat wonderfully in the crock-pot. They went into the crock from frozen and I cooked them for 2 hours on high before leaving and turning them down to low. But we needed to have more than ribs for dinner. And with my kitchen still in a shambles because yes, the ants are still going, I wanted something quick and easy.

A quick trip through the kitchen found enough fruit to toss together for a fruit salad, dressed with some raspberry yogurt it would be a perfect counterpoint to the smoky richness of the pork ribs. But what else...? Well, nothing screams BBQ to me like corn bread. Specifically, corn muffins. Now apparently I am not a true Southerner, because I prefer my corn bread with sugar in it, but I do gauge how much sugar by what I'm serving it with. For BBQ, it's the lesser amount. For something like chili, I use a little more sugar. Either way, I love corn muffins. I prefer my cornbread in a single serve muffin shape only because the bread, by nature, is a little crumbly, and it drives me batty that I can't cut cornbread into neat slices (or cubes as the case may be). And the best part of making corn muffins for dinner? There's always a few leftover for a decadent breakfast, smothered with some butter and homemade preserves.Erika's Corn Muffins

And finally, to find out what Abigail's been up to in the kitchen lately, be sure and check out this morning's article over at Kid's Cuisine. I think I have a budding chef on my hands.


Claire said...

I've been craving corn bread ever since I had some bad CB last week! Maybe I'll get to make some this weekend. I've had NO time to cook this week!

Erika said...

OOOh. Bad corn bread (in my experience) is usually pretty bad.