Thursday, August 16, 2007

Totally My Daughter!

Well, no food post today. Dinner last night was complements of the grocery store deli. But I did want to talk a little about my little treasure. :-) Last night before ballet class, I asked Abigail if she would like to go do some shoe shopping before class. School is coming up, and we've been slowly adding new clothing here and there. Shoes was the one thing we hadn't touched yet, so I thought we'd stop and take advantage of BOGO.

LOL! I adore shoes myself, but since having kids and being responsible (ahem) my shoe purchasing has been limited to practicality. But my almost-seven-year-old was like a kid in a candy store! She pointed to shoe after shoe, and she'd try a pair on and walk the catwalk, trying them out, and skewing her legs just so so that I could get a good look. She even amused the sales girl helping us. So we picked out a few pairs of shoes, and then another, and then we had an odd number so we needed another pair to fully take advantage of the buy one/get one, so somehow a pair of boots made it onto my daughters feet. Seriously, the people in the store with us stopped to admire this little girl in her walking boots. We had to get them. And then a pair of sandals, which, once again gave us an odd number which was rescued by the appearance of a Hello Kitty backpack.

And of course, we couldn't stop with just the boots. A mental walk-through of Abigail's wardrobe had me thinking that we should pick up a couple of skirts for her to wear with the boots. So then we had to make another stop. As I started to follow her into the changing room she turns around and looks at me and says very matter-of-factly, "I don't need your help, Mommy." A few minutes later she came back out with two skirts that fit nicely, ("but this one might need a belt to look right."). So to close today, here's a photo of my little lady who turns seven on Monday.


Rachel said...

she definitely belongs in this family!!

good job Abigail!! you look SOOOO pretty and SOOOO cool!

Carolyn said...

What a darling story, Erika. Your daughter looks adorable. But just wait. She's 7? Your life may be forever changed! LOL
Carolyn T

Erika said...

I knew Auntie Rachie would be proud. :-)

Thanks Carolyn, I still chuckle when I revisit the moments in the shoe store- that one may stick with me for a while.

And yes, we may have a monster on our hands. She informed us that she's not ready to go back to school yet because she doesn't have enough new clothes.