Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Tag Time!

I'm really excited today! Do you know why? Because it's only two days to Thursday- and I can't wait to share something exciting! make sure you come back on Thursday to find out what has me jumping for joy this week!

It's been a long while since I've been tagged for anything, and in just over a week I've been tagged three times! Today I'll take care of two of the tags, but I still have to figure out what I'm doing for the third tag- it's a little more involved than sharing a little bit about me. Today I've been tagged for the "Sevens Meme" by Elisabeth from Cooking From Cathedral Hill, and I've also been tagged for a "Five Little Bits Meme" by Michelle from Cooking The Books. I thought I'd combine the two and see how I do with Twelve random little bits and truths about me.

1. If you don't know me IRL, I have insanely long hair. It's all the way down to my backside- and curly. I've always wanted my hair this long, but never had the guts to grow it so long. Now that I've grown it so long, part of me wants to cut it, but now I'm afraid to do so. I'm in a state of catch-22 with my hair right now.

2. I play the drums. Specifically right now I play the congas and other percussion, but I can tackle a drum set if needed.

3. I hate grape Jello. In fact, just the smell makes me nauseated.

4. My favorite breakfast is cake. If we have cake in the house, I'll eat it for breakfast with a cup of coffee. (Hey, it's not THAT different from a pastry.)

5. My favorite color is Red. Someday, we will live in a house with a red living room. I don't even care if it's an out of date color. I love red, it's so warming and energizing. I love it!

6. One of my absolute favorite TV shows is Project Runway on Bravo. I have a hidden passion for fashion, and every time I watch that show I feel like I can pull out my sewing machine and just whip something together. They sure do make it look easy!

7. Speaking of fashion, I was once offered a scholorship to Johnson & Wales for Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing. It was a small scholorship compared to the cost of schooling there...but it was unexpected and generous nonetheless.

8. I still pull out my old Little House on The Prairie books and read them over and over. Growing up I wanted to be Laura in the worst way... if you're ever looking for a great foodie read, The Farmer's Boy is chock full of old-fashioned nibbles and delights.

9. I don't enter a lot of food contests because I'm afraid of being selected to compete. I just don't know how well I'd do with all those cameras following me around and watching my every move. The two times I've been involved in filming a TV show I just couldn't get my tongue to work like I wanted it to- so embarassing!

10. I love chai. I could drink it every day of my life and I'd be a happy person. In fact, you could take away my coffee, and as long as I had chai around I would be content.

11. I don't like peanuts with my ice cream. I have no idea why, I love any kind of nuts in my ice cream or on my ice cream- just not peanuts. (And normally, I like peanuts!)

12. I love, love, love the new 3 Musketeers Mint bars with dark chocolate. Oh, my, gosh, those are amazing! And I'm not even the biggest fan of mint and chocolate together. But there's something about these candy bars that they call to me every time I see one on the shelf.

So there's 12 bits about me that you may have known, or you may not have known. So...on to the tags... if I tag you and you don't feel like doing so, well, that's okay. But I'm going to dish out the tags to either new bloggers, or bloggers who are new to me. I combined two tags, so feel free to pick either the Sevens ot the Fives. I was feeling a little ambitious this morning.

First up is Mandy from A Serving Of Life. Mandy is a local girl- hailing from Oshkosh, and I've been reading her blog on and off for a while. She's a fun sounding girl, and one of the reasons I'm tagging her is because she's part of a site-traffic competition right now. And if she wins- she's going to take the prize money and elope! How fun is that! So stop by her blog if you get a chance to help her out.

Next up, a former swap partner, April from Cookworm. I love checking out what April's been up to. Her photos of her triumphs are definitely drool-worthy

Next is Emily from Happy Vegetable. Emily is a vegan with a brand-new look for her blog. Emily is eating raw right now for 40 days on top of following her vegan diet, and she seems to be doing a great job with it!

Deborah from What's In My Kitchen hasn't been blogging for very long, but everything she cooks and posts about is something I would love to dive into.

And finally, I want to tag Sullicom. His blogging is fun to read, and he seems to be taking a bit of a break to think about where he wants to take his blogging. Maybe a meme or two will inspire a bit.


Mandy said...

How sweet of you! Thanks for coming out of the lurker closet. And thank you for reading!

JEP said...

Thanks for sharing 12 random bits & truths about Erika IRL. As a blog reader, I always find Meme's really fun & see them as a way to feel more connected to the person behind to computer screen. Like you, I have read many blogger's struggle with following thru on meme tags simply because they feel no one is interested in "ordinary stuff". Not so!!