Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I lied

I do have something to post about today.

I found a new way to purchase groceries. Today I received a package from Amazon. Yup. You read that right. is now selling groceries. Curious about this development, I just had to explore and see what they had to offer. Turns out, you can order grocery and household items- but the condition is that it is in bulk. You can't just order a package of diapers. You order a case of diapers. Price wise it's a reasonable deal- as buying in bulk tends to be at times. But why wouldn't I just go to Sam's Club and buy in bulk there? Well, because Sam's Club does not carry some brands and products that I go through a lot of. For example, Annie's Homegrown products and Bob's Red Mill. But wait Erika, there's shipping associated with ordering something online. Indeed. But Amazon has graciously extended it's $25.00 Super Saver Shipping to the grocery line. And, if you are like me, you have already payed your annual fee to be a member of Amazon Prime- and shipping is free regardless.

So today I received two packages. The first was via UPS and contained a case of Natural Cracker by Partners. This cost me $12.00 for six 4 oz packages, and the crackers are quite good. Okay, that wasn't too bad. The second package made Zander jump up and down as I opened up the box from FedEx and found a case of Annie's Arthur Macaroni & Cheese. Zander loves that stuff. And for $14.00 I now possess 12 boxes of cheesy goodness for my son. So will I order groceries from Amazon again? Hard to say. The selection of grocery items is pretty slim, and if they beefed it up more I think I might order more. There isn't THAT much that I use regularly. However, they do have quite a bit in the line of organic and natural foods, so if that is your thing, it's exciting to have a bulk source for it. At least in my neck of the woods, we don't have that availability. I guess ultimately, I reserve judgement. I think the prices are very reasonable, as long as you can meet the $25 minimum for free shipping, or are a member of Amazon Prime. Hopefully they will continue to add more of a selection, and then we can see. In the meantime though, Zander keeps going to the pantry and just staring at "ALL THOSE ARTHURS!!"

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